Support for Music Export in Exceptional Circumstances

Music Finland’s Support for Music Export in Exceptional Circumstances aims at sustaining the international visibility and export of the Finnish music. 

During exceptional circumstances, this support can be applied for initiatives on digital platforms or digital services, as well as for PR measures on international media. In this way, we aim to encourage Finnish music export professionals in reaching international gatekeepers and audiences and thus bridge the gap in music business caused by the pandemic.

Applications are processed weekly starting from April 3, 2020 until May 8, 2020. During this time, assessment takes place every Friday. Applications sent latest on Wednesday at 12:00 noon will be assessed on the same week. Applications are assessed by an independent expert committee set up by Music Finland’s board. The Support for Music Export in Exceptional Circumstances will be reviewed and evaluated constantly in relation to the covid19 pandemic events, and we will inform later on about possible continuation for the Support after May 8, 2020.

The amount of support granted ranges from a minimum of 500 and maximum of 6,000 euros. The committee responsible for support decisions determines the size of support case by case, based on the extent and content of the venture. The Support covers up to 50 percent of the project’s eligible costs, but in some cases, the committee is entitled to grant support up to 100 percent; however, each application is reviewed individually. In some cases, project-related wages paid for the applying company’s employees can be included in the grand total of the supported costs.

NB: This support is designed for ongoing export ventures aiming at internationalization of, eg., an artist, composer, singer-songwriter or product. The aim of the support is to ensure continuity and to enable new – eg. digital – implementations of export projects. This support can also be applied for launching and developing innovatory music export initiatives. 

Support for Music Export in Exceptional Circumstances can defray e.g. following expenses:

  • Purchasing promotional or marketing services from professional PR agencies
  • Purchasing advertisement space, advertising on social media
  • Marketing and promotional costs related to a new release on digital platforms
  • Photography and video, clearly related to the supported (digital) project or product
  • Production expenses of schemes produced for international digital platforms (equipment rental, outsourcing services) 
  • Wages and other labour costs clearly related to the supported export project (maximum 50 percent of the total labour costs – please add explicit account for these costs in the application)
  • Other outsourcing services (e.g., legal services)
  • Developing innovatory music export initiatives (in this case, please contact Kaisa Rönkkö before submitting the application)

This support aims to advance the export activity of professionally and internationally working, Finland-based companies and to assist in the continuity of music export. The target is to advance the accessibility and recognition of Finnish music especially on digital platforms, as well as enhance visibility of Finnish music in the international media.

Who can apply?

The organization seeking support must be a company, trade name, foundation or association that is registered in Finland and free of any tax debt. The support recipient  must have an international strategy and a project plan, which will be assessed together with Music Finland. The support is directed specifically at Finnish artists, acts, ensembles and music creators with demonstrated international demand (this must be explicated in the application).

The supported project must be executed between March 18, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

Project evaluation criteria

  • Targets of the project (such as growth in visibility on traditional and social media, partnerships, expanding networks, enhancing international employment prospects)
  • Viability of the project plan
  • Significance of the project from the standpoint of the artist’s, composer’s or songwriter’s international career
  • Significance of the project for the backing organisation
  • Professionalism of the project and the plan
  • Professionalism of the artist, group, composer, songwriter, backing organization and the collaborating partners
  • International experience and/or domestic success of the artist, group, composer or songwriter
  • The applicant’s history of previous support
  • The applicant’s domestic content

Please note: All applications meeting the criteria will not automatically receive support. The expert committee will assess the significance of the project for the applicant’s international career. The applications will also be compared with each other.

When support is granted

Organisations who receive positive support decisions sign a contract with Music Finland agreeing on the use of the support. The support may only be paid to the organisation to which it was originally granted.

The reporting form will be sent to the support recipient by email within a week of the support decision. Reporting must be completed in electronic form within 60 days of the end of the project or the support decision, unless otherwise agreed.

Preconditions for support payment

  • Signing of the support contract
  • Completed electronical reporting form, including information on the contents and results of the project
  • Showing all actual expenses:
    • in a detailed form in the company’s bookkeeping (companies) 
    • by submitting copies of receipts for expenditures to Music Finland as part of their report (private individuals and companies)

Music Finland reserves the right to reconsider the amount of support if the project’s realisation (in terms of budget or execution) differs significantly from the extent specified in the support application.

Before you apply

Applicants are advised to contact Music Finland if they have any questions regarding applying for support, filling out the application form or the application criteria. Contact information is listed on this page.

Please find the electronic application form here.

The support is distributed by Music Finland and realized with the financial contribution of Finnish Music Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Education (to be confirmed later on).