Music x Media 2022


Tampereella syys–lokakuun taitteessa järjestettävä Music x Media on Suomen johtava musiikkialan ammattilaisille räätälöity tapahtuma, joka koostuu seminaareista, showcase-keikoista ja Industry Awards -gaalasta.

Tämänvuotinen Music x Media (entinen Musiikki & Media) koostuu Tampere-talossa pidettävistä seminaareista, puheenvuoroista, Lost in Music -klubifestivaalista ja Industry Awards -gaalasta. Music Finland on yksi Music x Median kumppaneista tuottaen tapahtuman puheohjelman kansainvälisen osuuden ja tuoden Tampereelle joukon kansainvälisiä musiikkialan ammattilaisia – katso lista sivun alaosasta löytyvän linkin kautta.

Tutustu koko ohjelmaan Music x Median sivuilla ja osta liput tapahtumaan täältä.


Music x Median kansainvälinen seminaarisisältö

Tapahtuman kansainvälinen seminaarisisältö toteutetaan yhteistyössä Music Finlandin kanssa.


10:45 – 11:30 Music x Climate Case Studies: Funding & Networks

Sustainability, environmental responsibility, and climate work are today's keywords, but how can individual artists, freelancers or small businesses play a part in this – with any significant impact?

Support systems and networks can make taking the first steps easier. They also help make the individual acts to form an impressive whole. For example, Arts Council England has a long history of insight into how they can help the whole sector to produce more responsible arts and culture. A more recent development is the climate work of IMPALA, the Independent Music Companies Association, with their climate charter, IMPACTS project and a new carbon calculator for the independent record companies.

Working together and for common goals can change our perspective. What lessons can we learn for the music and cultural sector in Finland?

Andrew Ellerby (online)
Karla Rogozar (online)
Salla MistolaLauri Supponen
Peppi Arimo

Merja Hottinen (Music Finland)

11:45 – 12:30 Kohti hiilineutraaliutta

Suomen Jazzliitto selvittää Suomen elävän musiikin ilmastovaikutuksia parhaillaan käynnissä olevassa Hiilineutraali kiertuemalli -kehityshankkeessa. Samalla pilotoidaan uusia kestävämmän kiertue-elämän malleja. Mitä hankkeesssa tarkkaan ottaen selvitetään ja mitataan, ja miksi se on tärkeää? Miten sinä ja organisaatiosi voitte osallistua hiilineutraaliin kehitykseen?

Maija Leivo (Kivra)
Joni Seppänen (Sepikka)
Elina Levula
Raisa Siivola
Vilja Varho (Luonnonvarakeskus)

Teemu Kirjonen

13:30 – 14:15 Music in Moving Pictures: Why is it so difficult?

Presented by Europe in Synch in collaboration with Finnish Music Publishers Association and Music Finland.

We all agree that the right music in moving pictures is crucial – whether it's a commercial, a movie, a TV-show. We adore the campaigns and films, which take their message to another level and speak to their viewers with an inspired choice of music. But for every good one, there are thousands of missed opportunities.

This panel discusses the state of sync in moving pictures, identifies the challenges and introduces ways towards an optimised sync business environment.

Virpi Immonen, music supervisor (Fullsteam Management)
Tapio Korjus (Rockadillo/Zen Master Records)
Olli Rönkä (director, Gillifilms)
Goran Obad (Ohlogy)


Markus Linde, Europe In Synch

14:30 – 16:30 Score! Workshop

In the Score! Workshop, film and media composers get to introduce themselves to music supervisors, music publishers and other potential career partners and gatekeepers. The Workshop gives feedback and tips for a good pitch. Score! Workshop is a part of the freelance day program on Wednesday. Preparing for the pitch, Music Finland will organize a self-branding workshop for film and media composers.

The list of international professionals will be announced soon. Pre-registering required.

Register by 19.9. here!

Teri Nelson Carpenter (CEO, Reel Music Werks, USA)
Alex Hancock (freelance music supervisor, UK)
Connie Edwards (Music supervisor and composer manager, We Are Golden, UK)
Pamela Lewis Rudden (sync agent Plutonic Music Group, UK)
Goran Obad (Partner and Executive Producer, Ohlogy, NO)
Rupert Hollier (Music Supervisor, Atlantic Screen, UK)
Christian Blad (Music Supervisor, Orange Blue Supervision, Sweden)
Will Quiney (Music Supervisor, Redfive / Adic Music, UK)
Sarah Chanderia (Founder, Hacate Entertainment Group, NO)


11:30 – 12:15 Festivals for Sustainable Touring – Activism, greenwashing or the new normal?

Questions of sustainable touring, recycling, reduction of consumption and low carbon footprint are at the core of today’s festival production, as thousands of music festivals gather audience masses every year. How profoundly willing are festivals to actually change towards greater sustainability or is it all just a bit of greenwashing to meet the informed festival goers’ values?

Kare Eskola (Yle)
Tamar Brüggeman (Wonderfeel, European Festivals Forest)
Peter Florence
Petra Piiroinen (Meidän Festivaali)

12:15 – 13:00 Licensing Business – Making impossible possible

Licensing is one of the most concrete tools to create growth opportunities for music. The industry is changing faster than ever and requires new solutions and licensing mechanisms. How is the music industry keeping up with the pace of change? What could we learn from the best licensing practices of other industries? How should we develop licensing and create new business growth possibilities through innovative deals? Join us and hear views from world-class music licensing and rights management experts.


Neeta Ragoowansi (Global Citizen)
Cliff Fluet (Online) (Lewis Silkin)
Teri Nelson Carpenter (Reel Muzik Werks, LLC)

Jani Jalonen (Grand Music Consulting)

12:15 – 13:00 Status: mapping future opportunities for the Nordic art music scene

Art music scenes in the Nordic countries have many common trends but also differences – which both can be developed into future possibilities. This was one of the premises in STATUS, the research carried out in 2022 by the new Nordic network in classical and contemporary music. Initiated by Art Music Denmark, the network includes Iceland Music Information Centre (IMIC), Music Finland, Music Norway and Unga Tankar om Musik (UTOM, Sweden).

The insights of the research report, presented and published now at Music X Media, will be discussed by local commentators. How can Nordic collaboration benefit the development of the art music scene in local and international contexts? How can ideas be developed and shared better than before? Are there new possibilities to work together for common goals?

Merja Hottinen (Music Finland)
Catherine Lefebvre (Art Music Denmark)

Anna Angervo
Lauri Supponen
Lasse Lehtonen

13:15 – 14:00 Music Supervisors – How to get your song on their radar?

Music supervisors are the mediators of music for audiovisual productions like advertisements, games, films and television. This panel, interviewing music supervisors, focuses solely on revealing their working processes. How do they search, tag, index, and find the right songs for each project in their heads and computers? What are the services they use? What is the must-have metadata to be attached to songs? What should music catalogue representatives know about pitching to music supervisors? What can you do to get your song on the top of their list?

We aim to answer the question: how to get your song on the music supervisors’ radar – like really!

Christian Blad
Pamela Lewis-Rudden
Will Quiney
Connie Edwards

Katariina Sorsa (Music Finland)

13:45 – 14:30 Kansainvälinen teosvienti ja markkinointi – Mitä taide- ja populaarimusiikin kustantajat voivat oppia toisiltaan?

Suomalainen taidemusiikki on menestynyt maailmalla jo yli sadan vuoden verran, ja viime vuosina myös kotimaisten pop-biisien vienti on kasvanut merkittävästi. Yhteistä näiden menestystarinoiden takana on itse tekijöiden lisäksi musiikkikustantajien pitkäjänteinen toiminta. Paneelikeskustelussa vertaillaan teosviennin ja kansainvälisen markkinoinnin menetelmiä molemmissa genreissä sekä haetaan alueita, joilla taide- ja pop-musiikin kustantajat voisivat ottaa oppia toisistaan.

Riku Salomaa (Nordic Music Partners)
Henna Salmela (Fennica Gehrman)
Tommi Tuomainen (Elements Music)

Jari Muikku (Suomen Musiikkikustantajat)

14:30 – 15:15 Keynote: Brian Heatherman – Revitalizing music business after the pandemic

The post-pandemic time re-opened many doors for making international music business. Brian Heatherman is seasoned music industry executive with an exceptional career covering all the parts of the business. In this session, he will share knowledge and learnings from his long career in labels, publishing and management, later combined in his own company, his experience in funding mechanisms for music export and advising artists in their career internationally. He will also share his thoughts about where our industry is going next and how smaller European markets like Finland could play a role in the growth of the music industry.  

14:15 – 15:00 Music x Games – New ways of monetizing music in games

The panel will give you an overview on what’s next in the world of gaming and music. The ways of utilizing music in games are as diverse as the gaming market itself, now estimated to be valued at $200 billion globally – multiple times bigger than the music industry.

Licensing music for games and game ads might be the first thing coming to mind, but what's new in the licensing space? Global artists can make substantial income by selling in-game merchandise such as wearables and tokens on metaverse experiences. What about opportunities in the game streaming space, artist and game brand collaboration or sound packs for producers and songwriters? This panel of experts aims to expand your thinking of the possibilities in music use, artist collaborations and marketing in the gaming space.

Robby Towns (Co-founder and Head of Strategy at GoodCopBadCop, Chair of Nashville Chapter for MMF-US, US)
Sergio Pimentel (Synchronicity Music, UK)
Alica Molito (XONE, Spain)
Ville Virtanen (Darude)

Katariina Sorsa (Music Finland)

15:15 – 16:00 Keynote: Andrew Melchior – The Musician is Present?: How to engage with audiences in the new era of deglobalization and reduced emission lifestyles

The planet is racing to deliver a solution to the environmental degradation caused by climate change. In this age, how can artists effectively create, distribute and promote their work to modern audiences? Conversely, how can audiences engage with music and the arts in a sustainable fashion?

Andrew Melchior
has worked in collaboration alongside artists Massive Attack as their CTO, to help us understand the realpolitik future for live events and touring in a no compromise manner. He has also advised UK government climate and energy agencies and local government on developing smart energy solutions with partners including IBM, ARM, GE, Alstom and Ceres Power.

15:15 – 17:15 Get Synced! Workshop

Get Synced! Workshop is an opportunity to present yourself and your catalogue to music supervisors and hear their feedback. Participants of Get Synced! will learn about the music supervisors’ projects beforehand and can select the right songs in their catalogue to be played in the workshop groups for feedback.

Get Synced! Workshop has proven resultful in the previous years, for example Tuuletar was licensed for a Game of Thrones trailer in Central Europe and feelswithcaps to a Netflix show Tiny Pretty Things.

Pre-registering required. The workshop takes only max 20 participants.

Register by 19.9. here!

Music supervisors and other:

Alex Hancock (freelance music supervisor, UK)
Connie Edwards (Music supervisor and composer manager, We Are Golden, UK)
Pamela Lewis Rudden (sync agent Plutonic Music Group, UK)
Goran Obad (Partner and Executive Producer, Ohlogy, NO)
Rupert Hollier (Music Supervisor, Atlantic Screen, UK)
Sergio Pimentel (Founder / Music Supervisor, Synchronicity Music Limited, UK)
Christian Blad (Music Supervisor, Orange Blue Supervision, Sweden)
Will Quiney (Music Supervisor, Redfive / Adic Music, UK)
Sarah Chanderia (Founder, Hacate Entertainment Group, NO)


10:00 – 10:45 A&R meets TikTok – How does the platform steer new music?

Short form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels are undeniably places for Gen Z to discover music, and there is a direct correlation between Tiktok and the music charts. Today, the creators have the power to create hits. How do the artists, labels and A&R managers respond to this? How much does the way of music consumption and discovery actually affect the product? In this panel, we’re going to hear about successful artist cases: what was intended and planned by the artist and label and what was in the control of the audience?

Johanna Pirilä
Dennis Moll
Nicholas Wilczynski (Head of Digital, Warner Music Finland)

Teea Kasurinen

10:45 – 11:30 Soundtrack puhdasta kultaa

Kuinka tärkeä osa itse tarinaa on oikean musiikin valinta jo audiovisuaalisen tuotannon alkuvaiheessa? Millaista maailman- ja ajankuvaa voidaan ilmentää tv-sarjojen ja elokuvien musiikkivalinnoilla? Miten musiikki ja sen sisältämät merkitykset kuljettavat tarinaa ja kuvaavat henkilöitä? Missä vaiheessa tuotantoa musiikki tulee mukaan suunnitteluun ja millainen budjetti sille varataan.

Musiikin voisi ajatella olevan jopa yksi Aikuiset-televisiosarjan pääosan esittäjistä, niin paljon se rakentaa ajankuvaa ja rytmittää tarinaa. Dionysos Filmsin tuottama draamakomedia 70 on vain numero (2021) on puolestaan kunnianosoitus suomalaisille naisartisteille, joten elokuvassa kuullaan komea kavalkadi kotimaista musiikkia menneiltä vuosikymmeniltä tähän päivään. Peräti seitsemällä Jussi-patsaalla vuonna 2019 palkitun Aurora-elokuvan ääniraita on myös erinomainen: musiikin siihen on tehnyt Lau Nau -nimellä tunnettu Laura Naukkarinen yhdessä Pekko Käppin ja Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha -yhtyeen kanssa.

Aikuiset-sarjan käsikirjoittaja Anna Brotkin sekä Dionysos Filmsin toimitusjohtaja ja tuottaja Riina Hyytiä avaavat keinoja loistavan soundtrackin rakentamiseen keskustelussa jonka moderoi Music Finlandin viestintäpäällikkö Teemu Fiilin.

Anna Brotkin
Riina Hyytiä (Dionysos Films)

Teemu Fiilin (Music Finland)

11:00 – 11:45 Producer and Songwriter Royalty – What is it, why and how to negotiate?

Among music industry’s hot topics in the past couple years is undeniably the #paysongwriters initiative, demanding a more sustainable compensation model for songwriters. One of the suggested remedies is for songwriters to get royalty points on the master. The model is based on producer royalty, common in the United States and other international markets. In the streaming age, a producer royalty is rarely seen in production contracts in Finland. The panel will shed light on the concept and provide tips to producers, songwriters, managers and labels for how to negotiate deals and what to consider.

Mathias Sorum
Kalle Lindroth

Katariina Sorsa (Music Finland)

12:00 – 13:00 Management workshop

This workshop is aimed at both current and future managers. It digs deep into the daily issues of today’s artist managers, aiming to offer tips, solutions and tricks for both artist and management development. How to build a successful management company? How to build sustainable artist careers? How to keep yourself – and your artists – sane in the pressure of the business?

The workshop starts with a 30-minute panel discussion that leads to 30-minute small group sessions where everyone gets to meet each other.

The session requires preregistration, and all the participants are welcome to send questions to go through at the workshop. Register via this link.

International participants:

Connie Edwards, Music Supervisor and Composer Manager (We Are Golden Limited, UK)
Robby Towns, Founder (Goodcopbadcop, USA)
David Margolis, Owner (My World MGMT, USA)
Johanna Pirilä, manager, A&R (Rap and Soul Ltd)
Paul Spraggon, lawyer, Solicitor (SSB, UK)

Heta Hyttinen, manager, founder (Ginger Vine Management & PR)

12:45 – 13:30 Solving the metadata puzzle – How to ensure global rights and royalty flows

Data is becoming a fundamental source of competitive advantage in music in the digital economy. The existing problems related to licensing and royalty payments are caused by the fact that works and rights holders are often not being properly identified in the digital environment. Metadata is the oil that makes our industry spin. It’s at the very core of the music industry: when metadata is not correct, artists and songwriters miss out on royalties, and songwriters and engineers don’t get the credit they deserve. Collaboration and data exchange capabilities between different stakeholders have evolved from a dream to a crucial part of the business, to ensure global rights and royalty flows.

The players who offer metadata and rights management services for the music industry have expanded from traditional players like CMOs to IMEs and to a wide variety of commercial players. In this session, we will discuss latest advancements in rights and metadata management and what concrete steps are being done in the business to overcome challenges, which have existed for a long time.

Niclas Molinder (Session & Music Rights Awareness Foundation)
Jordi Puy (Unison)
Ano Sirppiniemi (Teosto)
Teri Nelson Carpenter

Turo Pekari (Music Finland)

13:15 –14:15 Label workshop

How do you make your record label a cool brand? How do you get everything out of a modern label? How do you build your catalogue in a sustainable way?

These days, labels need to operate in many sectors, from product development to marketing, distribution and consumption. The operating environment of record companies extends from traditional media to TikTok influencers, from AI algorithms to the metaverse and who knows where.

This interactive workshop, led by a group of great international label experts aims to find solutions for today’s labels. The workshop starts with a 30-minute panel discussion that leads to 30-minute small group sessions where everyone gets to meet each other. All the participants are welcome to send questions to go through at the workshop beforehand.

The workshop requires preregistration, and all the participants are welcome to send questions to go through at the workshop. Register here!

International participants:
Paul Hanly
Paul Spraggon
James Barker
Björn Meyer
Katja Vauhkonen (Fullsteam Records)
Niko Kangas (Music Finland)

13:30 – 14:15 Kultainen häkki: Viihdyn hiton hyvin himassa

Kansainvälisen uran rakentaminen on hankalaa – tai ainakin hankalampaa kuin kotimaassa menestyminen. Estääkö suomalaisten tekijöiden kansainvälistä menestystä kultainen häkki, siis kotimainen markkina, joka tarjoaa helppoja töitä ja todennäköisesti helpompia menestyksiä kuin kivinen mutta potentiaalisesti lopulta antoisampi vientipolku? Vai ovatko suomalaiset sittenkin liian mukavuudenhaluisia yrittämään kunnolla, verrattuna vaikkapa Ruotsiin?

Tässä paneelissa pureudutaan kultaisen häkin ytimeen sekä siihen, miten – ja kenen – kansainvälistä uraa kannattaa oikeasti rakentaa.

Kultainen häkki on kolmen keskustelun sarja, jossa pohditaan suomalaisen musiikkiviennin kultaista häkkiä eli sitä, että Suomessa kotimainen markkina on kuin kultainen häkki, joka tarjoaa todennäköisesti helpompia menestyksiä kuin kivinen mutta potentiaalisesti lopulta antoisampi vientipolku. Onko tilanne näin ja mitä sille voi tehdä? Vai tuleeko tilanne hyväksyä ja pistää panokset sinne, missä vienti on vetänyt vuosia – tai vuosisatoja?

Saara Everi (PME)
Pekka Ruuska (Kaiku Entertainment)
Lauri Porra (Porstas Oy)

Kaisa Rönkkö (Music Finland)

13:45 – 14:30 The Crazy World of International Live Business

The live music business is hot like fire and the competition gets tougher by the year. How does one navigate in today’s live music world as an artist, agent or promoter? What does it take to build successful artist careers in the current state of the world? How could the live industry make itself a better place for everyone in the ecosystem?

While the impact of global crisis is maybe heavier than ever to the live business, this panel addresses difficult questions of the industry in a solution-oriented way and aims to offer ideas on how to navigate through it all in a gentle way.

Cesar Andion (promoter, Live Nation Spain)
Sindri Ástmarsson (promoter, Iceland Airwaves)
Pia Raitala (agent/manager/founder, Raitala Music Ltd)
Oskar Strajn (promoter, Eurosonic)

Annamaija Saarela (promoter, G Livelab Tampere)

14:45 – 15:30 Music x Climate Case Studies: Live & Business

Examples of ambitious climate work are popping up in all areas of international music business. The nonprofit organization Julie’s Bicycle in the UK has worked with environmental issues for longer than 10 years and now their Creative Climate Leadership program is empowering Nordic cultural professionals to take action with their organizations. In Denmark, Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre has pursued highest international standards in their sustainability work. Businesses also in other, new areas of music industry are recognizing the significance of responsible climate action.

What are the benefits of sustainability work in live sectors and other music organizations? What can we learn from the trailblazers? How should we develop our climate work in the future?

Chiara Badiali (online)
Nicolaj Holm
Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt

Katariina Uusitupa

15:30 – 16:15 Investing in IP and rights: Investment funds and new types of financing for rightsholders

This panel focuses on the recent evolution and growth in the interest of purchasing music rights. The number of new investors in investment funds and IP marketplaces dedicated to acquiring music rights, from the “Bowie Bonds” to Hipgnosis has been huge, and the models that new platforms are offering investors to invest in IP and support the music sector have developed greatly. How may this growth change the sector? How to estimate the value of a catalogue for the next 10 years? What risks and opportunities does it pose for songwriters and publishers? Has a saturation point been reached or is there still room to explore? Where is the market heading?

Linda Portnoff (Tangy Market)
Markku Lönnqvist
Riku Salomaa (Nordic Music Partners)
Matteo Cernuschi

Nina Rudanko

15:45 – 16:30 "A DAO named Sue” – A no-bullshit guide to Web 3.0 and the metaverse

Meet “Sue”, an artist discovered last night at Tullikamari. She is destined for great things, so rather than waiting until Music x Media 2032, we will now squeeze this artist’s future into 60 minutes. You’ll hear how “Sue” will organise a fan community and curate marketing using digital tokens. Working with other artists “Sue” will build a co-operative channel on a decentralized music streaming platform, set up a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) to fractionalise IP assets, incentivise early stage investors, and raise recording and touring budgets. Drawing not only on “Sue’s” future headlining virtual Nokia Arena show, we will describe the optimal business model, looking at recent examples of how other artists have already leveraged Web 3.0.

We will not be preaching about buzzwords and tech dreams, but we will be exploring substantive business questions that arise from applying existing tech. What are the main street (not fringe) risks and consequences? What are the actionable business cases for evolving a career in Web 3.0?

Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (International Music Managers Forum)
Iara Dias (Decentraland)
Alica Molito
Katri Saarikivi

Turo Pekari (Music Finland)


13:30 – 14:30 "I need ammunition, not a ride.” Culture as a weapon of war.

Russia attacking a sovereign nation, Ukraine, is an attack against democratic values. Information war, used on both sides, has been both an offensive and defensive weapon. Ukraine has succeeded well in communication and information war. To reach out to citizens within the country, culture can be one of the most effective means?

Like Reagan and Schwarzenegger, Zelensky was an actor who brought his artistic skills of an experienced performer to politics, campaign against corruption in a fragile post-Soviet democracy and War. Zelensky’s speeches had an enormous break through force.

It is undeniable that Zelensky’s Hollywood charisma has became a weapon of war.

But it is not only about Zelensky’s and Klitschko ‘s charisma. In Ukraine, there has been a revival of interest in culture and heritage, including its rich interwar avant garde theatre and film, as well as the literature of Ukrainian national figures. Creative enterprise and cultural activism with urban regeneration projects, exhibitions and art events that has been used as as a platform for discussion on social and political issues. Behind this cultural revival has been an effective coalition between state institutions, the cultural activists and civil society. The strategy has been to replace the idea of arts and culture as government propaganda vehicle or luxury treat into a tool for national resilience and cohesion and social change.

This is a discssion about building up cultural policy that combines civil society and the state. How to build a cultural narrative that has credibility and will be shared commonly in the society? What does it demand from the cultural sector and its players?

How to strengthen trust and dialogue between civil society and the political elite? How do we guarantee that decision-makers have sufficient knowledge and skills about culture; both underground and high culture, so that when necessary, they can lead their people and nations with cultural meanings, not just with facts or feelings?

Nika Aleksejeva (NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, Latvia)
Alona Dmukhovska (Music Export Ukraine)
Sasha Koltsova (singer, Krykhitka, Ukraine)
Helen Sildna (Tallinn Music Week, Estonia)
Pekka Haavisto (Minister for Foreign Affairs, Finland)

Jone Nikula (Radio Rock, Finland)

This discussion is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture

13:00 Workshop with Clubtopia: what live music venues can do to improve their ecological footprint (ONLINE)

Many clubs and small live music venues are highly motivated to improve their ecological footprint. However, they often lack the club-specific knowledge for taking action. The Berlin-based initiative Clubtopia, a cooperation project of BUND Berlin, clubliebe e.V. and Berlin Clubcommission, provides knowledge on how to improve their ecological footprint. From renewable energy to energy efficiency to zero waste – this workshop gives an introduction to the work of the initiative and the different measures that live music venues can do and their impact on the environment.

Konstanze Meyer has a master’s degree in sustainable tourism and she has been involved with initiative Clubmob.Berlin since 2013. The initiative offers club owners energy consulting and helps organize Clubmob Partys to raise funds for implementing sustainability measures in clubs. As part of the clubliebe-team, Konstanze has been organizing the innovation events „Future Party Labs“ since 2015. Clubtopia is supported by Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection.

Konstanze Meyer, Clubtopia


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