Music & Media 2020 International Day

Kansainväliseen musiikkiteollisuuteen keskittyvä seminaaripäivä Music & Media 2020 International Day järjestetään 26.11. klo 10–17 osana musiikkialan ammattilaistapahtuma Musiikki & Mediaa. Tapahtuma järjestetään verkossa, ja sen tuottaa Music Finland Musiikki & Median kumppanina.

Tervetuloa kuulemaan paneelikeskusteluja ja key note -puheenvuoroja musiikkiviennin näkökulmasta ja verkostoitumaan kansainvälisten vieraiden kanssa. Aiheina ovat muun muassa diversiteetti ja päätöksenteko, kansainvälisen menestyksen rakennuspalikat, sekä korona-ajan artistiura ja julkaisut. Puhujiksi saapuvat muiden muassa Jesse Markin, Lxandra, Andrew Mellor, Dalia Stasevska, Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) ja Robert Meijerink (Eurosonic).

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Information in English.


10.05 Keynote: Laura Karpman
40 min | Interviewer: Kaisa Rönkkö

10.50 Panel discussion: Diversity, inclusion and decision making
30 min | Moderator: Melina Korvenkontio

11.20 Group discussion: Diversity, inclusion and decision making
30 min

11.55 Keynote: Teemu Brunila
45 min | Interviewer: Francine Gorman

12.40 Keynote: Keith Harris
40 min | Interviewer: David Fricke

12.40 Youtube Music presentation
90 min

13.25 Panel discussion: On the road to success
30 min | Moderator: Robert Meijerink
Panelists: Jesse Markin, Lxandra, Noora Louhimo

13.30 Accelerator pitch session
120 min

13.55 Group discussion: On the road to success
30 min

14.10 Mini-mentoring with EMMA Board
60 min | Sign up here.

14.30 Panel discussion: Artist development during Covid-19 era
30 min | Moderator: Jouni Markkanen

15.00 Group discussion: Artist development during Covid-19 era
30 min

15.30 Networking
40 min

16.15 Keynote: Dalia Stasevska

45 min | Interviewer: Andrew Mellor

17.00 Afterwork


Keynote: Keith Harris

Keith Harris is a Music Industry Consultant who has worked in the core of music business over 40 years. As the General Manager of the legendary Motown label in the 1970s, Harris took care of legendary soul artists such as Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes and Stevie Wonder, the last of whom Harris has also worked for as an artist and business manager. This keynote discussion is arranged in co-operation with European Music Managers Association EMMA.

Interviewer: David Fricke (SiriusXM, Rolling Stone, Mojo)

Presented by MMF Finland and EMMA. Part of EMMMA Programming

Keynote: Teemu Brunila

Teemu Brunila has a long and varied history as a songwriter. After the breakup of The Crash, the band that was Brunila’s vehicle from the late 90s until 2009, he started concentrating on his songwriting and production career ending up writing hits for major artists such as Jason Derulo, Kylie Minogue, Flo Rida, David Guetta and JP Cooper.

Haastattelija: Francine Gorman

Panel: Diversity, inclusion and decision making

When diversity and inclusion targets are incorporated successfully, they increase performance for the business, its teams and its roster. How do music organisations embrace and materialise diversity and inclusion targets in Finland and around Europe? How has inclusive and diverse recruitment strategy, leadership practices and transparency evolved over time and where should we be heading next?

In this session, the diversity and inclusion concepts will be approached from each speakers’ decision making standpoint. Music industry professionals from various backgrounds will share ideas and examples to help construct a 360° view. The session will conclude with small group discussions among the audience, where missing pieces and further actions will be analysed.

Moderaattori: Melina Korvenkontio (Fried Music / Nordic Music Partners)
Panelistit: Kabiru Bello, Aino-Maria Paasivirta, Pay Kolmus

Keynote: Kaisa Rönkkö interviews Laura Karpman

Laura Karpman is a veteran film composer with a versatile background of composing music to not only films, but also to theater, opera and video games. She has won four Emmy Awards for her work, having for example Steven Spielberg's Emmy-winning miniseries Taken among her credits. In 2020, Karpman was hired to compose the score for the Marvel Studios animated anthology series What If...? How is it possible to maintain one’s own voice not only in Hollywood productions, but in opera and video games at the same time? Now the expert tells how to use art as an engine for change.

Haastattelija: Kaisa Rönkkö (Music Finland)

Panel: On the road to success

Building an international artist career is easier said than done. How do you actually build one? What does it take for artist and the team to make right decisions? Who actually makes the final decisions? And when things get hot, how do you solve situations? This panel is about building a career from the artist's point of view, giving tips on how to face challenges and about what not to do on your way to stardom.

Moderaattori: Robert Meijerink
Panelistit: Jesse Markin, Lxandra, Noora Louhimo

Keynote: Andrew Mellor interviews Dalia Stasevska

The international career of Finnish conductor Dalia Stasevska has been on the rise throughout the past years. Since 2019 she has worked as the Principal Guest Conductor of the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and from July 2021 on, she will be the Chief Conductor of Lahti Symphony Orchestra. How has Stasevska built her successful international career? What have been the turning points for her, and what have been the biggest challenges on her way? What effect has the global pandemic had to Stasevska’s work and career?

Haastattelija: Andrew Mellor (journalisti, The Opera Awards, Opera, Opera News, Gramophone, Financial Times)

Panel discussion: Artist development during Covid era

Due to the global pandemic, the whole music industry was forced to invent new ideas in order to keep the business running. In this panel, industry heavyweights talk through the best ways and innovations of how to operate and keep the ball rolling despite the pandemic’s effects.

Moderaattori: Jouni Markkanen (Grey Beard Concerts & Management, Tuska Festival)
Panelists: Tiina Vihtkari (Sublime Music Agency), Jason White (4ad), Ulysses Hüppauff (Odyssey Music Network, manager for Apocalyptica)

YouTubeMusic Masterclass

The session will focus on 3 specific topics: the basics of channel optimization (how to organize your channel and surface the relevant content to your fans), maximizing the promotional power of YouTube (this is a focus on release strategies) and finally live streaming on YouTube (what are the different ways and pros of going live on YouTube).

Presented by MMF Finland and EMMA. Part of EMMMA Programming

Mini-mentoring with EMMA Board

In need of career consultation? Sign up to meet and network with an EMMA Board member and chat/consult your project (or career in general) in a 15-minute power session. Sign up here.

Presented by MMF Finland and EMMA. Part of EMMMA Programming

Accelerator Pitch Session

We believe that innovations will drive the post-pandemic era! In spring 2020 Music Finland and the CREVE Creative Ventures incubator launched a pioneering music export accelerator with six creative teams. Accelerator has been a new service as part of Music Finland’s Fast Track growth program.

During the last six months the aim of Fast Track Accelerator has been to encourage and support internationally oriented music entrepreneurs within and out of Finland. With lectures, workshops, roadmap process and individual coaching Creve and Music Finland has tried to support entrepreneurs working within the music industry. In the long-term perspective encourage and strengthen innovation in the music industry and give the necessary tools and resources in order to breed creative business opportunities. Join us to celebrate the culmination of the Accelerator program and listen as our participants and other Finnish music tech startups deliver their killer 2-minute-pitches to promote their business idea.

Turo Pekari, senior advisor in innovation and business insight at Teosto, will moderate the session and our impressive jury will comment on the ideas.

Expert jury:

Olli Sinerma, Business Finland
Kari Korhonen, Business Finland
Kim Väisänen, investor
Martin Q Larsson, KLUMP, creARTive
Sara Herrlin, Stockholm Music City
Xavier Tumminello, Innovation MIDEM
Topi Löppönen, Musopia
Jaakko Kemppainen, game designer / Taike


Fast track teams:
Family in Music, Hyperlife, Kieku Records, MusicFairyTales, MusicUs, Right Song Publishing

Other teams:
Game Music Collective,, gigleapp

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