Survey report: The value of the Finnish music industry is now over a billion euro

All the core areas in the Finnish music industry grew in 2022. The growth was especially strong in the live music sector, which is recovering from the pandemic, and in the copyright and recording sectors. In addition, more precise figures are now available from the music education sector. The value of music exports also increased by 40 percent although live music exports have not yet recovered to the level of 2019.

The information can be found in Music Finland's latest reports Financial Survey of the Music Industry in 2022 and Financial Survey of the Music Exports in 2022 (reports are in Finnish).

Growth in almost all music industry sectors

In 2022, the value of the music industry increased substantially from the 2020–2021 figures, declined by the pandemic, and was now higher than ever before, a total of 1.25 billion euro. The recovery of the live music sector played its part in the growth, as more events were organized now than in previous years. The combined value of the private and public sectors of live music was now 518 million euro.

The recording and copyright sectors also grew notably. Copyright income was collected for 110 million euro, and the value of record sales is estimated at 118 million euro.

However, the amount of public and private support, which was multiplied due to the corona pandemic, now almost halved, and 58 million euro were distributed in grants. Of this, still almost 24 million euro were covid subsidies. In total, the value of the core sectors of the music industry in 2022 was 791 million euro.

In addition to the core areas mentioned above, music education is also counted as part of the music industry’s value. The value is now based on a new calculation by the music education sector, where the value of music education in 2022 can be estimated at 455 million euro.

Music exports started to recover from the pandemic

In 2022, Finnish music exports started to recover from the covid pandemic. The sector most affected by the pandemic, the export of live music, did not yet reach 2019 figures, but recording sales remained at the previous level and income from copyrights increased distinctly. In total, the core areas of music exports grew by 40 percent and now brought in 25.6 million euro to Finland.

For example, music-related applications and services continued their success, and the export value of the “other goods and services” sector related to the music industry was now 104.9 million euro. In addition to digital music applications, the value of the sector includes, among others, professional equipment related to sound reproduction and the export of musical instruments.

Including all sectors, the value of music exports in 2022 was 130.6 million euro.

Long-term positive development

The pandemic caused a dent in the value of the Finnish music industry and music exports, but the figures published now show a long-term positive development. The same impression is conveyed by the pop song export statistics published in June, according to which a total of 125 pop songs by Finnish songwriters performed by foreign artists were published in 2022. In ten years, the number of exported songs has tripled and the number of internationally active songwriters has doubled in five years.