Four new artists to follow 1/2017


Welcome to the latest Four new artists to follow edition! This round we’ve got yet again four promising new acts, ranging from acid prog rock to Justin Bieber inspired melancholic pop. See also our playlist below, in which we’ve compiled all the featured artists. 


I Saw The Light, But Turned It Off is an apt title for the debut album of electro punk duo Rainbowlicker, whose music borders between tongue-in-cheek humor and eclectic anarchy (just watch the hilariously awkward "The Office" fashioned music video below if you don’t believe it). Consisting of Johan (ex-Beastmilk) and Peps (ex-Creepy Crawlie), Rainbowlicker’s music draws inspiration from the fury of punk rock and riot grrrl subculture and drowns them in electronic pulsating waves of sound.  

Axel Thesleff

Electronic musician and producer Axel Thesleff landed his first major hit with ”Bad Karma”, which after its 2014 release slowly began to gain attention, eventually leading to over 100 million views on Youtube and 10 million streams on Spotify. Thesleff’s carefully crafted sound, which draws inspiration equally from the crackly dubstep beats of Burial, EDM, as well as Indian and Asian traditional music, has found its loyal fanbase especially in Eastern Europe and Germany.


On their debut album Ujubasajuba, Kairon;IRSE were bundled with the shoegazer movement. Since the 2014 album, the group have taken giant steps towards the domain of classic 70’s progressive rock, which now culminates on their second album, Ruination. As Prog Magazine put it: ”From Finland, already the most wildly inventive psychedelic rock album of 2017”.  


The information regarding Snø is rather scarce, but here’s what we know so far: the young artist released his debut single ”Sunrise” last fall, which in an instant sparked a huge interest on him, even drawing comparisons to artists like Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. Last month Snø released Prologue, a four song EP which gives some hints of the direction, where this pop promise is heading next. 


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