Export grant for songwriters and composers

Work exports are defined as works of music by Finnish song creators that are played abroad, bringing income into Finland. Work export grants support strategic investments in the internationalisation and work exports of Finnish song creators.

Work export grants encourage song creators (writers, composers and producers) and publishers to carry out various kinds of work export ventures. These may include trips that are significant to music creators’ careers, for instance co-write and meeting trips or composer's networking trips to attend premieres of their own works. Work export grants may be granted to song creators, their representatives or backing organisations to cover project expenses.

Support may be granted also for other activities that advance work exports, such as travel expenses for foreign writers invited to Finland. Support may also be granted for Finnish export artists’ work export projects, such as songwriting camps or co-write trips that advance internationalisation. The artist must in such cases take part in the songwriting.

Work export grants covers up to 50 percent of the project’s eligible costs, and up to the unprofitable share of these costs. The minimum support granted is 300 euros. The committee responsible for support decisions determines the size of support based on the extent and content of the venture.

Work export grants can defray the following expenses:

  • Production expenses (studio and equipment rentals, visas, travel and cargo insurances)
  • Accommodation (economy class, during the project)
  • Travel tickets and transport (economy class, including cargo and overweight baggage fees)
  • Participation fees for workshops, camps or other such events
  • Foreign professionals’ travel expenses when invited to showcase performances in Finland (economy class)

Work export grants is distributed by Music Finland and funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Granting of live music support depends on a positive funding decision for Music Finland by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Applying for grants

Application is by this electronic form. There are four application rounds per year. Application deadlines in 2020 funding round are: 

  • 15 April
  • 15 August
  • 15 October
  • 15 January 2021

Support can be applied for either as a private individual or as an organisation.

A single support application may be filed for several work export projects, such as several co-write trips by the same writer. If several song creators represented by the same applicant organisation are taking part in the same trip, for instance, it is advisable to submit one combined application for all of them. 

Applications are processed by an independent Expert Committee set up by Music Finland’s board. Applicants are informed of its decisions as soon as possible after processing of each batch of applications.

Criteria for granting support

  • The work export project must be professionally executed and significant for the internationalisation of the songwriter and any possible backing organisation.
  • The project must be carried out between 1 Jan 2020 and 31 May 2021

  • The support recipient may be either a private individual or company.
  • A songwriter seeking support must be a customer of a copyright organisation and a taxpayer in Finland.
  • If the support recipient is a company, it must be registered in Finland and must be listed in the prepayment register throughout the process (including at the time of application, during the project and at the time of reporting) and be free of any tax debt.
  • The support recipient commits to reporting in the directed manner on the execution and results of the project and to deliver the required materials (such as receipts, proof of payments and reports) to Music Finland.

Project evaluation criteria

  • The project’s significance from the standpoint of the son creators international career
  • The project’s significance for the backing organisation’s internationalisation strategy
  • The professionalism of the project, the applicant, the songwriter, the backing organisation and its partners
  • The song creator’s international experience and/or domestic success
  • The applicant’s history of previous support
  • The project’s domestic content

When support is granted:

Organisations or individuals who receive positive support decisions sign a contract with Music Finland agreeing on the use of the support, based on Ministry of Education and Culture guidelines. The support may only be paid to the organisation or individual to which it was originally granted.

A reporting form is sent to the support recipient by email within a week of the support decision. Reporting must be done in electronic form within 60 days of the end of the project, unless otherwise agreed. In cases where support is applied for retroactively, reporting must be done immediately after the support decision. Support will be paid retroactively after the recipient has submitted a report and settlement of accounts to Music Finland.

For companies, actual expenses must be shown in the company’s bookkeeping. Private individuals must submit copies of receipts for expenditures to Music Finland as part of their report.

Music Finland reserves the right to reconsider the amount of support if the project’s realisation (in terms of budget or execution) differs significantly from the extent specified in the support application.

Applicants are advised to contact Music Finland if they have any questions regarding applying for support, filling out the application form or the application criteria. Contact information is listed on this page.