Visit Song Castle 2018 in a virtual reality studio tour

In May 2018, Music Finland organised the 11th installment of Song Castle, one of the Nordics' most respected and best known co-writing camps. Now you can visit the songwriting camp in a virtual reality 360° studio tour

Song Castle 2018 took place at Kallio-Kuninkala in Järvenpää, Finland May 20–24. The 23 songwriters from Finland, United States, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom collaborated for three and a half days to create 28 songs both directly with the artists present at the camp and also to be pitched for other artists. The guest artists and songwriters were Fletcher (US), Molly Kate Kestner (US), Amy Allen (US), Bryce Fox (US), Charlie Snyder (US), Hannah Jane Lewis (UK), George Reid (UK), Andrew Jackson (UK) and Yade Lauren (NL). Among the 13 Finnish songwriters at the camp were Axel Ehnström, Jurek, Tido, Minna Koivisto, Ida Paul, Tiina Vainikainen and Manu Laudic

The artists and songwriters were accompanied by some of their managers and A&R managers. Among the represented companies was Atlantic Records (US). Genelec set up the songwriting rooms with their speakers and correct calibration.

Song Castle 2018 virtual reality studio tour

Browse five different Kallio-Kuninkala studio rooms by dragging your mouse (or on a mobile device: just move around!). Go to other rooms by clicking the signs on the doors. Click on the "i" icon for biographies. Switch to full screen from the bottom right icon. Made in collaboration with Vizor.

Visit Finland helped arrange breaks between songwriting and creating a memorable experience from Finland. The local arts history was explored with a visit to Ainola, the home of Jean Sibelius and the business representatives tried to solve the mystery of Sibelius’ 8th Symphony at an escape room experience at Krapin Paja. The songwriters got to experience Finnish sauna and swimming in lake Tuusula, and getting focused with morning yoga. The Finnish weather treated the group exceptionally well this May.

The results from the songwriting camp will be realised within the next months and years as we see how many of the songs created will be released on international music markets.

Thank you to all the Song Castle 2018 participants!

See all the participants in a 360° view by dragging your mouse!

Song Castle 2018 photo gallery

Photos by Julius Töyrylä