Turo Pekari appointed as new member to Music Finland's export team

Turo Pekari has been appointed to lead Music Finland's innovation and business development team, with the job title Innovation and Business Development Executive. He will start his new post at Music Finland on 10 May.

Turo Pekari has worked in the Finnish music field for over ten years. He moves to Music Finland from Teosto, where he worked as a Senior Advisor, responsible for i.e. innovation and research, international industry networks, funding opportunities, data sharing and future foresight work.

In addition, Turo is actively involved in building cooperation between European music innovation ecosystems in the music industry, as well as mentoring and coaching in international accelerator and startup programs, and serving as an expert in copyright development work for Finnish Government and European Commission. In recent years, he has been one of the most internationally prominent representatives of the Finnish music industry as an expert and speaker at dozens of music industry events.

"I'm hugely flattered at this opportunity to be able to export Finnish expertise to the international market and to work extensively on behalf of the Finnish music industry. My new role will focus not only on export projects and industry insights and research, but also on promoting music innovation and outlining long-term projections for music industry future trends, as well as improving the dialogue between the music industry and the technology field. Technological development is a key driver of change in our industry, for better or worse. Especially in these times, the music industry and music creators need hope, positive future visions and, above all, opportunities. Music Finland can play a key role in building the future of the entire industry. For my part, I want to utilize my long experience in developing networks, EU funding programs and cooperation between music startups and innovation hubs and agencies in this work, ”comments Turo Pekari.

Executive Director Kaisa Rönkkö is also excited to welcome Music Finland’s latest team member.

"With Turo, our team will gain completely new kind of expertise and know-how. New models of cooperation and diverse business development are key to the new strategy for Finnish music exports, and I look forward to having Turo to reflect this with us," says Rönkkö.