Sync Summit Finland takes place this week in Espoo

Sync Summit 2014 takes place this week in Espoo, Finland from Thursday August 28 to Saturday 30. The event is organised as a part of The Nordic Film Music Days.

The Nordic Film Music Days brings together composers and the film industry to learn, educate and to network. The event will be organized in Hanasaari, a small island with beautiful scenery just outside Helsinki. Music Finland has invited 11 Music Supervisors from the film, TV, gaming and advertisement industries to network with the Nordic music industry.

Sync Summit Finland 2014 consists of panels that cover the world of music synchronization, from the do’s and don’ts to hands-on cases. In addition there will be a speed-meeting session wherein the supervisors will meet the cream of the crop of the Finnish music business: representatives from the top labels, publishers, composers and many more will be there to chat with the supervisors.

See the full schedule and list of all participating Music Supervisors here.

During previous years Sync Summit was a part of Music and Media Conference in Tampere.