Pasimusic Festival introduces music by composer Pasi Lyytikäinen

Pasimusic Festival, a festival which introduces music by Pasi Lyytikäinen, will take place on 18th – 21st September in Northern Savo, Finland. 

The festival is organized by Necto Ensemble together with the Lapinlahti municipality and the city of Kuopio. Festival’s musical guests include accordionist Sergej Tchirkov, pianist Kiril Kozlovsky and soprano Eija Räisänen. Last part of Lyytikäinen's Opera in Everyday Life trilogy will have its world premiere at the festival, with folk singer Sirkka Kosonen and a bass Oskari Nokso-Koivisto in leading roles. 

The focal point of the festival is a concert at Kuopio City Hall, where Lyytikäinen composes a new piano piece while Kiril Kozlovsky performs Piano Sonata by Dmitri Shcostakovitch at the same time. Piano Sonata will be followed by Lyytikäinen’s brand new composition, which Kozlovsky performs on the spot, unrehearsed. 

Festival’s theme composer is Ahti Sonninen (1914–1985), whose 100 year anniversary is been celebrated this year.