Get to know the 2023 Nordic Music Biz 20 under 30 winners!

The Nordic music industry has again revealed the 20 young professionals who are driving the industry forward. Through the annual Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30 initiative set up by NOMEX (Nordic Music Export) now for the sixth year, the list focuses on diversity across industry sectors and genres, reflecting the varied music scene in the region.

This year, the list also highlights an industry talent from the Faroe Islands, expanding its reach.

NOMEX, a collaborative effort involving Export Music Sweden, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland, Iceland Music Export, and Music Norway, has been dedicated to nurturing growth and development within the Nordic music sector for over a decade.

Behind the scenes, the young professionals play a significant role in the rise of Nordic music and its global impact, bringing new perspectives and innovative ideas to the ever-evolving industry.

Each year, the judging panel selects 20 under-30 individuals who are seen as potential future business leaders.

These winners are honored at the by:Larm Festival, a prominent event in the Nordic music industry held in Oslo, Norway. This year's award ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, September 14th.

The 2023 Nordic Music Biz Top 20 Under 30 awardees were chosen based on a range of criteria, including company growth, career trajectory, industry recognition, recent industry impact, artistic growth, innovation, concert revenues, sales, streaming data, campaigns, and exposure through radio and television platforms.

Meet the 2023 winners


  • Albert F. Helmig (General Manager and head of booking at Aarhus Volume and Volume Village, Booker and Project Coordinator at SPOT festival)
  • Daniel Engholt Carlsen (Product Manager at United Records/Stellar Records)
  • Domi Sudziarski (Label Manager and Marketing at Prime Collective)
  • Emilie Pil (Founder, FRIDAY management)
  • Nanna Ruus (Booker and creative producer at ALICE, Founder at Whirligig)

Faroe Islands

  • Marianna Winter (A&R at TUTL)


  • Laura Jonsson (Promotion Manager and Head of Export at PME Records)
  • Leo Tynkkynen (Head of International at Warner Music Finland)
  • Lilli Keh (CEO and Artist Manager at All Day Management)


  • Bjarni Daníel (Founder at Post-Dreifing)
  • Junia Jonsdottir (Creative Director and Social Media Advisor at Universal Music Group)
  • Sólveig Matthildur (Entrepreneur, Kælan Mikla / MYRKFÆLINI)


  • Aldin Duratovic (Founder and Manager at Get FAT. Music Group)
  • Dennis Kiil (Founder at Kiil Management)
  • Mina Ingebretsen (International Export Manager at Universal Music Norway)
  • Peder Benjamin Hagen (Founder of Major Mgmt, Booking agent at United Stage)


  • Filip Hiltmann (Senior Marketing Manager at Luger)
  • Helia Hole (Operation Coordinator at Popkollon)
  • Leroy Junior Joweiham (A&R Manager at Sony Music Publishing Scandinavia)
  • Meron Kirubel (Editor and Label Relations at Apple Music and Podcasts Nordics)

The Nordic judges for 2023:

: Anja Pil Christoffersen (Lawyer and Founder of Playback Studio / Innofounder), Nis Bysted (Founder, ESCHO / Manager Iceage and First Hate), Eva Frost (CEO, Jazz Denmark)

: Eero Jääskeläinen (Program manager, Allas Sea Pool), Jannika Hovinen (Production Manager, All Day Agency), Karoliina Kanerva (Head of international, Warner Music Nordics)

: Ása Dýradóttir (Project Manager at Reykjavík Music City), Soffía Kristín Jónsdóttir (Owner/Manager at Iceland Sync Management ehf.), Unnsteinn Manuel Stefánsson (Co-Founder at 101 Productions ehf)

: Johanna Alem (Head of Event & Promotion, Universal Music Norway), Kedist Bezabih (Head of Music, International Rap festivals and touring, Goodlive Artists), Viljar Siljan (Artist Manager, Blu Perspective Management)

Sweden: Marie Dimberg (President & co-Founder, Dimberg Jernberg Management), Jael Steinberg (Artist Strategy Director, Universal Music Sweden), Love Lagerberg (Agent, Luger)

NOMEX, the collaborative platform for the five Nordic Music Export offices, is responsible for the awards, and consists of all the Nordic music export offices. Export Music Sweden, Iceland Music Export, Music Export Denmark, Music Finland and Music Norway have all worked together to make this happen.