New & noteworthy jazz albums

We listed some new and upcoming jazz albums. This time the selection includes new music from Jukkis Uotila, Kalle Kalimi & K-18 and Tonight at Noon among others.

The musicians of Black Motor, Sami Sippola (sax), Ville Rauhala (bass) ja Simo Laihonen (drums), have been busy lately. In addition to extensive touring, they have been organizing their jazz club in Tampere, and have spent time in the studio as well. After more popular album Hoojaa, their new release Jumehniemi (Kauriala Society) brings their agrarian free jazz back to improvisation.

In addition, the recent release of TUM Records introduces co-work of Black Motor and the trumpet master Verneri Pohjola on the album called Rubidium.

Jukkis Uotila has released a big band album with the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra, called the Music of Jukkis Uotila (KS Jazz). The album consists of Uotila’s compositions and arrangements, and he plays the piano to accompany and also for some of the solos. He also plays the drums on the album. In addition to Uotila, soloists of the album include also musicians from the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra and the saxophonist Dick Oatts.

On their second release, Kalle Kalima & K-18 continues to present composer and guitarist Kalle Kalima´s aural impressions of the world of movies. Whereas their first album (Some Kubricks of Blood) included Kalima´s compositions inspired by Stanley Kubrick´s films, Out to Lynch (TUM Records) presents his reflections on some of director David Lynch´s key movies, such as Blue Velvet, Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, The Elephant Man, and Twin Peaks. Featured with K-18 are again saxophonist Mikko Innanen, bassist Teppo Hauta-aho and accordionist Veli Kujala, each an acknowledged master of his chosen instrument. The quartet's uncompromising approach to improvisation combines elements from free jazz, modern classical music and even avant-garde rock that prove particularly well suited for these reflections on the world of David Lynch.

Tonight at Noon, consisting of André Sumelius (drums) Mikko Innanen & Jussi Kannaste (sax), Jukka Eskola (trumpet) and Mikko Helevä (organ), has released their second album People, Stories & Dreams on Prophone record label. As their praised first record To Mingus with Love included compositions of Charles Mingus, which the band has played their live gigs, the new album consists of their own compositions.

Joonas Haavisto Trio’s second album Micro to Macro will be released in Japan in December 2012 and in Finland at the end of January 2013. The group will tour Japan in April.

The musicians of the band Rakka (Kusti Vuorinen, accordion, organ, percussion; Masa Orpana, sax, flute; Jykä Ahola, trumpet, flugelhorn; Ville Rauhala, double bass; Janne Tuomi, drums, percussion and Simo Laihonen, percussion) have been playing together since the 1990’s, in addition to their other bands and projects, such as Circle, Black Motor, Anssi Tikanmäen Filmiorkesteri, and Hehkumo. Their debut album Soutu introduces Rakka’s unique jazzy sound of Finnish folk music and old dance hall music, through to blues and gospel, combining mystic atmosphere with improvised jazz. The album was released on Lumpeela Records on October.

Guitarist Kari Antila recorded a new CD with Manuel Dunkel, Alexi Tuomarila, Jaska Lukkarinen and Ville Herrala. The album will be released early 2013. Antila himself is spending the end of the year in New York where he has been on stage with Johannes Felscher on Bass, Jesse Simpson in drums and Chad Lefkowitz-Brown on Saxophones.