New Artists to follow 2/2018

We’re taking a look at some of the most exciting and fresh newcomers in the Finnish music scene. This month we feature Mari Sainio (in the cover image), Planet Case, Anna Murtola and Radux. Also, don't miss our New Artists Spotify playlist below.

Mari Sainio

Mari Sainio is a Finnish composer and a music producer. She makes music for theatre, film, classical music groups in addition to her own projects. Sainio’s debut album, Minus 25 combines classical music elements with cinematic melodies, electronic soundscapes and post-rock pathos.

Planet Case

Planet Case combines pop rock with EDM music and draw inspiration from the music of bands like Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, M83 and The 1975. The group's debut EP, Simple Thoughts came out in 2018.

Anna Murtola

Anna Murtola from Oulu is known to be the northernmost flamenco singer in the world. Murtola has found her own strong voice as an interpreter of this intense Spanish tradition, but also acts as a versatile musician who performs both as a solo artist and collaborates with various musicians, dancers, artists and projects over cultural and genre ranges. She has just released her debut album, Fuego por dentro.


First assembled in 2013, Radux is a high-octane rock n’ roll group with speed metal and crossover influences from Tampere, Finland. The group calls out the daily (and with some misfortune, future) doom and gloom of the world and seeks to inform the masses on at least some select injustices as aggressively as musically possible.

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