New Artists to follow 1/2020


On this year's first edition of New artists to Follow, we’re once more taking a look at some of the most exciting and fresh newcomers in the Finnish music scene. Hop along!

This time we feature Feelswithcaps (pictured above), Detalji, Louie Blue and Deadvoss. Also, don't miss our New Artists Spotify playlist below.


Feelswithcaps is a Helsinki-based trio delivering infectious, electronic indie pop with a sliver of Nordic melancholy. The band consists of singer and songwriter Sofi Meronen, keyboardist Mikael Myrskog along with drummer and producer Aleksi Kinnunen. The band has taken their time working on their debut album, of which the first part "Absence, Pt. 1" saw the light of day in October last year. The single Drains, released in early 2019, garnered attention among the Finnish media. 



Detalji is a Helsinki-based artist, producer and sound designer known for her self-written anthems dedicated to the club culture as well as cravings for substances and intimacy. Strongly influenced by 1990s techno music, trance and IDM, Detalji builds her songs in a progressive manner combining pop hooks with raw synths. Her two ep's "Ravenous" and "SEX" were released through the labels Left Bank and Deep Limit in 2019.

Louie Blue

The music of Alec Moborg, best known by his stage name Louie Blue, is a versatile mixture of genres, the most distinct being modern r&b. Louie’s sound and music has already generated buzz amongst tastemakers in Finland as well as other Nordic countries. Last summer his debut single Confused was picked up by YleX (one of the major radio stations of the Finnish Broadcasting Company) as one of their "Ones to Watch" artists. To follow his four 2019 singles, Louie Blue started 2020 by dropping a surprise debut album Notes.


Alternative rapper Deadvoss' (formerly known by the monickers Snø and $now) sound combines various different influences such as black metal, grunge, punk, r&b and trap. His music is an extraordinary mixture of aggressive emotions, strong melodies and lyrics that differ from the mainstream by being cryptic and mysterious. He released his debut album Witherland in 2019.

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