New and upcoming albums for winter and spring 2024

The first quarter of 2024 is filled with amazing new Finnish album releases. So grab your pen and pad, relax and take notes as we unfurl the newest in Finnish pop, rock, indie, electronic, metal, jazz and folk this winter and spring season. Scroll down to find a Spotify playlist of choice cuts and advance singles from these albums, embedded below the article!

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The Empire Strikes: Motell Scandinavia (out Jan 19th, self-released)

Since their formation in 2012, five piece rock group The Empire Strikes has toured from the Nordics and Baltics to Iberia and major central European cities, headlining on the road or providing support in Finland for household names like Royal Republic, The Nomads, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons and The Flaming Sideburns. The band's three previous albums, “1983”, “High Tide” and “Charm” have aimed to portray the tricks learned on the road: recorded live in studio, reimagining the band’s musical expression. Their 4th album “Motell Scandinavia” is sure to keep the action rock spirit alive!

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Mama Longhorn: Extinct But Still Alive (out Jan 19th on Soit Se Silti Records)

Funky Afrobeat ten-piece Mama Longhorn fuse their rhythms with diverse influences. The band's members have sound experience in a wide variety of different groups, which can be heard in their eclectic music: catchy melodies, Afro-rhythms, improvisational playing and psychedelic, sometimes melancholic rock tones combined with singer Eeva Poijärvi's personal vocals, exuding northern mysticism, and resonant soundscapes. On their fourth long player “Extinct But Still Alive”, Mama Longhorn are treading even more abstract and jam-based waters than before.

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The Odorants: Love Songs Never Die (out Jan 19th on Striped Records)

Melodic punk band The Odorants was founded in 1995, after which the trio toured actively and released two albums before going on hiatus in 2009. The group returned with a new album in 2021. The following summer, they started recording their 4th album "Love Songs Never Die" with Dutch-American producer Perry Leenhouts at his studio Point Break Sound in Stockholm. The catchy yet energetic punk pop opus was released by Striped Records in January 19th.

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Mikko Joensuu: Long Ark (out Jan 26th on Is This Art! Records)

Mikko Joensuu has already a long career in the Finnish indie scene. He started off in the much appraised cult band Joensuu 1685, but his solo album trilogy "Amen I" (2016), "Amen II" (2016) and "Amen III" (2017) really hit the jackpot. Joensuu’s solo music is far removed from Joensuu 1685’s shoegaze-noise rock, rather recommended if you like your Americana and country-folk slow, soothing and relaxed but with a cosmic tint. “Long Ark” is Joensuu’s first solo album in seven years, and the preceding singles “Friend in the Valley” and “Giith” have hinted that it will be worth every minute of waiting!

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Ludalloy: Lumenari (out Jan 27th, self-released)

Shoegaze/dreampop band Ludalloy has been refining and honing their craft since 2018. Mixing jangly guitars and fuzzier tones with female and male vocal harmonies, the band’s sound brings associations to classic 80s and 90s bands such as Cocteau Twins, Lush, Pale Saints and Chapterhouse. Ludalloy's first full-length "Sine" was released in 2021 to a warm reception, also gathering nice blog reviews and praise in global shoegaze communities. Ludalloy's sophomore album "Lumenari" will hopefully redeem the promises laid by the debut album.

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Penniless: Ego Catastrophe (out Feb 2nd on Soit Se Silti Records)

Alternative rock veterans Penniless (originally named Penniless People of Bulgaria) were formed originally formed in the small town of Nakkila in 1988. With a stellar catalogue of album, ep and single releases, they have cemented their name as a reliable Nordic source for soaring guitars and infectious pop songs. Their sound has been described as "beautiful and catchy melodies, stellar guitars and a matching 'tongue in cheek' attitude", with comparisons ranging from Nirvana to Weezer and Hüsker Dü to Pixies. “Ego Catastrophe” is the noisy quintet’s 12th album to date.

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Forwardman: Stranded Future Soho Fugitive (out Feb 9th, self-released)

Sakari Viittala’s solo project expanded to a full band, Forwardman looks up to 60s and 90s British legends from The Kinks and The Beatles to Oasis and Blur for inspiration. Already before his first album "This Ain't No Rocket Science" (2015), Forwardman played shows in London, fittingly. Especially Forwardman’s third album, 2021’s “The Brass Bandit” has found many fans, with respectable streaming numbers on e.g. Spotify. The 4th Forwardman album "Stranded Future Soho Fugitive" was preceded by two singles, "Director's Lodge" and "Soho Fugitive". The album will be released on vinyl only in February, with a digital release following later.

Sanna Ruohoniemi: Let Everything Happen (out Feb 9th on Eclipse Records)

Stockholm-based Finnish jazz vocalist and composer, Sanna Ruohoniemi belongs to a long line of strikingly individual Nordic artists and composers melding jazz with the rich folk traditions of the continent. Her last album, "Start from Nothing” was picked among one of the best album releases on November 2018 by Europe Jazz. On the follow up, “Let Everything Happen”, listeners can expect modern jazz with elements of folk tones, funk, bebop and tango.

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The Holy: Ländmark (out Feb 16th on PME Records)

Known as a powerful live performer, indie rockers The Holy are known from events such as Eurosonic, Midem, TMW and MaMa Festival. The Holy's first albums, “Daughter” and “Mono Freedom”, have garnered widespread attention and praise both domestically and internationally. On their third full-length album, “Ländmark”, out in February, you can expect Nordic melancholy motored by post-punk, Springsteen and krautrock. With the help of timeless analog synthesizers, fascinating drum patterns and guitar filtered through effects, The Holy creates music that challenges the comfort zone.

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Hero Dishonest: Flat Society (out Feb 16th on If Society)

Since the beginning of the millennium, Hero Dishonest has been churning out forceful hardcore punk with elements of quirky alt-rock. The band has been described as one of the best live bands in the Finnish hardcore scene and also the genre’s hardest touring combo overseas. Acute, angry and frantic, but also entertaining, fun and even funny – Hero Dishonest are the true followers to Finland’s 1980’s hardcore legacy. The band’s 9th album Flat Society, will be again released by If Society, the legendary indie label co-founded by Hero Dishonest guitarist Mikko Heikkonen.

Listen to "Ruusupuutarha" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Ruissalo Amping: Ruusupuutarha (out Feb 23rd on Svart Records)

Turku-based dream pop and shoegaze outfit Ruissalo Amping (named after the [c]amping area at Ruissalo island, home to Finland's longest running rock festival Ruisrock) is essentially a solo project of singer-songwriter Samuli Virtanen. Ruissalo Amping emerged in the Finnish indie scene with the debut album "Tähtien suojatit Maan povella" in 2022, followed by a dream pop cover of HIM's love metal classic "When Love and Death Embrace", translated to Finnish as "Rakkaus kuolemassa elää" in 2023. The second album “Ruusupuutarha” (“rose garden”) will be released by Svart Records, and is promised to be “take the listeners to even rosier and more romantic worlds than before, being both outward and introverted at the same time than before”. When playing live on stage – which happens quite rarely – Ruissalo Amping expands to a five-piece band.

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Jukka Eskola & Timo Lassy: Nordic Stew (out Feb 23rd on Dox Records)

Finnish jazz heavyweights Timo Lassy and Jukka Eskola are set to release a new album, titled 'Nordic Stew,' recorded in New Orleans with local top-notch musicians. The album offers ten new tracks woven with the musical roots of New Orleans. The inspiration for the album stems from the story of the Andania ship, which brought jazz music to Finland in the 1920s through American-Finnish musicians.

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Blind Channel: Exit Emotions (out March 1st on Century Media Records)

With their new album "Exit Emotions," the rising force in rock, Blind Channel, fiercely carves its path into the global mainstream. The band's fifth studio album, released on March 1, 2024, continues to showcase their diverse musical style, blending nu-metal with pop and hip-hop influences.

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Mokoma: Myrsky (out March 3rd on Sakara Records)

Mokoma, a cornerstone of Finnish metal, is set to release their 12th album in March. Over the course of their career, the band has delivered a total of 11 albums played with an electric lineup, and their passion continues to thrive. "Myrsky," true to its name, promises a furious phenomenon. Produced by the acclaimed Finnish producer Jonas Olsson, the album stands as a testament to Mokoma's enduring passion for their craft.

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Sami Yaffa: Satan's Helpers, War Lazer Eyes and the Money Pig Circus (out March 3rd on Vallila Music House)

Rock legend Sami Yaffa continues his solo career with the release of his second album, "Satan's Helpers, War Lazer Eyes and the Money Pig Circus." In addition to his iconic role in Hanoi Rocks, Yaffa, also recognized from The Blackhearts and New York Dolls, unveiled his debut solo album, "The Innermost Journey To Your Outermost Mind," in the fall of 2021, garnering widespread acclaim. Yaffa himself, along with Erno Laitinen, who also contributed to the debut album, takes on the role of producer for the upcoming release. The album is set to be released on March 8, 2024.

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Sonata Arctica: Clear Cold Beyond (out March 8th on Atomic Fire)

Melodic metal mainstays Sonata Arctica make a triumphant return to their original power metal roots with the new album "Clear Cold Beyond." Comprising 10 tracks, the album marks a departure from the band's exploration of acoustic landscapes during the pandemic, offering a diverse range of tracks. From high-speed anthems like the single "First In Line" to emotionally charged compositions such as the title track, the album, set to be released on March 8, ensures broad appeal to the fans.

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Njet Njet 9: Toivo (out March 22nd on Eclipse Music)

Known for their unique and vibrant live shows, as well as their multilayered and truly distinctive soundscapes, Njet Njet 9 is treating their fans with their fourth studio album, "Toivo", scheduled for release on the 1st of March. The nonet, led by composer and keyboardist Ville Kyttälä, is recognized for transcending genre boundaries while simultaneously paying homage to jazz traditions. With two singles, “Pöllö” and “Maa” already released, the jazz virtuosos seem to achieve just this with a warm, nostalgic, yet surprising sound reminiscent of acts like Snarky Puppy. Packed with household names such as Linda Fredriksson and Ville Vannemaa, one can only hope to catch the nonet live after the album release!

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Oddarrang: Oddarrang (out April 5th on Edition Records)

Oddarrang, the experimental Finnish band often compared to Icelanders Björk and Sigur Rós, celebrates their 20th anniversary with a self-titled album “Oddarang”. The unique blend of electronic elements, drums, guitar, cello, and trombone creates a mesmerizing and spiritual sonic soundscape. The album continues Oddarrang's tradition of genre-defying experimentation.

Moon Shot: The Power (out April 26th on Reaper Entertainment)

Rock band Moon Shot, composed of former members of Lapko, Disco Ensemble, and Children Of Bodom, releases their second album, "The Power," on April 26. The band continues their 21st-century melodic rock'n'roll style, addressing the chaotic world situation, as evident in the first single from the upcoming album, "Yes."

Simon Zion & Ville Luukkonen Trio: s/t (out April 5th on Eclipse Music)

Simon Zion is a Finnish-born guitarist, singer, composer, and producer who has spent most of his life in Sweden, where he is known for his success in the local Idols program. Zion and Ville Luukkonen (drums) have joined forces on an intimate acoustic jazz album, offering original and enchanting music that showcases Zion's strong jazz interpretations and reflects the creativity and expressiveness of these talented musicians. Simon Zion and Ville Luukkonen Trio will release their album on April 5th.

Korpiklaani: Rankarumpu (out April 5th on Nuclear Blast Records)

With two decades of catchy yet hard-hitting folk-metal under their belt, Korpiklaani is gearing up for the release of their twelfth studio album, "Rankarumpu," scheduled for April 5th. While simultaneously staying true to their roots and drawing inspiration from themes centered around old mythology, Korpiklaani aims to spice things up. Expect a faster-paced album with new additions, as their new permanent member, Olli Vänskä, and the long-time accordionist Sami Perttula have found their sound, set to "surprise even the most die-hard fans." Following the album release, the band already has ambitious touring plans for 2024, with gigs spanning various events from the UK to Mexico and Europe. Needless to say, Korpiklaani shows no signs of slowing down!


Wheel: Charismatic Leaders (out May 3rd on InsideOut Music)

Power trio Wheel, who are making noise at the top of the prog world, will release their third full-length studio album "Charismatic Leaders" in early May! The album comes out on the German prog powerhouse InsideOut Music. According to Wheel, the upcoming album will be a continuation in their dependable quality, always striving for the next level. The album was preceded by the single "Empire" in March, showcasing the band's heaviest side.



New and upcoming albums for winter and spring 2024

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