New and upcoming albums for fall and winter 2022

Again, a vast amount of great new Finnish music will be released in latter half of the year. So hold on to your seat, while we take a look at what’s new in Finnish pop, rock, indie, electronic, metal, jazz and folk in the fall/winter period of 2022. You can also find a Spotify playlist of these songs embedded right under the article!

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Erika Sirola: Who? EP (out August 5th on Elektra Records)

Erika Sirola is a singer-songwriter best known for her over 300 million Spotify plays garnering hit feature “Speechless” (2018) with Robin Schultz. Her debut EP, “who?”, is now out on Elektra Records. The sound on who? is far removed from the euro-centric EDM style of “Speechless”, landing somewhere nearer the melancholic and sombre art pop of Lana Del Rey or Olivia Rodrigo, laced with a heavily synthesized modern production.

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Andy McCoy: Jukebox Junkie (out August 12th on Cleopatra Records)

The legendary Hanoi Rocks guitarist and songwriter returns with an album’s worth of his own choice cover cuts! Ranging from Toots and the Maytals to David Bowie and Squeeze to Phil Lynott – and even including Rock’n’Roll Band’s Finnish classic “I’m Gonna Roll” (1975) – the album is a dive to Andy McCoy’s musical history and influences, played and arranged with his one-of-a-kind attitude and style.

Listen to “Jukebox Junkie” on Apple Music or Spotify.

Shiraz Lane: Forgotten Shades of Life (out August 12th on Ranka Kustannus)

Shiraz Lane’s much anticipated third album is a treat for fans of melodic hard rock. Despite being in their 20s, hard rock group Shiraz Lane have accomplished a lot – the band has played at Wacken Open Air as well as in Canada and Tokyo. Formerly signees at legendary Frontiers Records, a label whose roster also includes artists like Toto, Stryper and Whitesnake, Shiraz Lane has now found a new home at Ranka Kustannus (Blind Channel, Arion, Cyan Kicks etc).

Listen to “Forgotten Shades of Life” on Apple Music or Spotify.

Tomppabeats: Habits (out August 12th on Vinyl Digital)

One of the essential names in Finnish lofi-beatmaker scene, Tomppabeats’ popularity started growing around 2016, along his massively streamed debut album “Harbor”. After the second full-length, 2017’s “Arcade”, Tomppabeats took a recording break, finally breaking the silence this year with a new album and a somewhat renewed sound, taking a step away from the constrains of the so-called “lo-fi study beats” style. Read our article on Tomppabeats and fellow Finnish beatmakers Kupla and Idealism here.

Listen to “Habits” on Apple Music or Spotify.

Airi’s: Kind Little One (out August 19th on V.R. Label)

Indie rock four-piece Airi’s was founded in Espoo in 2019. Influenced by 90s rock, progressive rock and big band arrangements, Airi’s aims to tell identifying stories from the entire emotional spectrum of human life, from anxiety and depression to admiration and love. The band has already taken over the airwaves of British and U.S. radio stations with their single “The Sky” even picked up by legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer on Sirius XM. 

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Jericho Fuzz: In the Blind Spot of God (out August 19th on Alakulttuuritalo)

Rootsy, groovy and, well, fuzzy hard rockers Jericho Fuzz, led by legendary Helsinki figure Suho Superstar, are back after a lengthy hiatus! Channeling equal parts Aerosmith, Black Sabbath and southern rock, “In the Blind Spot of God” is the band’s newest offering since 2013’s “Last Mission on the Earth” and second overall.

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J-P Piirainen: In Solitude (out August 26th on Rockadillo Records)

J-P Piirainen twines Finnish tradition together with his unique voice as a composer. He has travelled a unique path to discover music that no one has heard before by inventing a one of a kind instrument – the guitele – where the acoustic guitar and the iconic traditional Finnish instrument kantele are combined into one body. His skill as a fingerstyle guitarist merges with the distinctive sound of the kantele, creating an undiscovered world of music. J-P Piirainen has played small clubs and big stages in Finland, and he has also toured Germany, Japan and Estonia.

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Päivi Hirvonen: Kallio (out August 26th on Nordic Notes)

The dialogue between fiddle, voice and bowed lyre – with this instrumentation Päivi Hirvonen creates music. The inspiration for her distinctive compositions comes from Finnish tradition. Päivi Hirvonen’s strong voice, skillful fiddling and charismatic performing bring her music together in a unique way. Her second solo album is out now on the Nordic Notes label.

Listen to “Kallio” on Apple Music or Spotify.


Flat Earth: High on Lies (out September 2nd on Suur Etikett Inc.)

The Helsinki-based hard rockers, consisting of bassist Niclas Etelävuori (ex-Amorphis), guitarist Linde Lindström (ex-HIM, Daniel Lioneye) and singer Anthony Pikkarainen, release their sophomore album “High on Lies” in September. The album is produced by the band themselves and mixed by by Tim Palmer (Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, HIM etc). After receiving positive reviews for their debut “None for One” (2018), opening for Alice In Chains in Helsinki and performing in all major festivals in their native Finland, Flat Earth’s second full-length is promised to be “passionate and strong album of nine killer tracks with a massive sound, insightful lyrics and head-banging riffs”.

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Tuomari Nurmio (Alias Judge Bone) & Knucklebone Oscar: Believe It Or Not (out September 2nd on Stupido Records)

Finnish rock legend Tuomari Nurmio (alias Judge Bone) has joined forces with garage/blues-rocker Knucklebone Oscar for an album's worth of gospel influenced tunes. Recorded with vintage gear only, the album "Believe It or Not" draws inspiration from artists like Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Son House, Mavis Staples and the Staples Singers.

Listen to “Believe It or Not” on Apple Music or Spotify.

Olli Hänninen and Sami Hynninen: Chambers (out September 9th on Svart Records)

And now something completely different: hip hop dissident Olli Hänninen and doom metal eccentric Sami Hynninen (best known from Reverend Bizarre) found each other and decided to create alternative electronic music that has never been heard before. The duo’s journey on the album takes them through eighteen Buddhist chambers of hell, while reflecting the everyday coldness and violence of the world around them. Musically, the album stretches from salon-worthy synth pop through jazz and marching music to experimental drone, avoiding genre classification.

Listen to “Chambers” on Apple Music or Spotify.

SOLJU: Uvjamuohta (out September 9th on Bafe's Factory)

Consisting of Ulla Pirttijärvi and her daughter Hildá Länsman, SOLJU combines their heritage of northern Sámi language and traditional chant, known as yoik, with a desire for new and innovative music. Their debut album Ođđa Áigodat (translated: New Times) was released in the spring of 2018 and chosen "Best International Indigenous Release 2019" at Manito Ahbee, the festival for indigenous arts. The yoiks on SOLJU’s sophomore album “Uvjamuohta" which translates to "powder snow”, have their origin in one particular spring when the band members herded together through snowstorms in the evening and enjoyed balmy days with fair weather.

Listen to “Uvjamuohta” on Apple Music or Spotify.

Lampen: Lampen (out September 9th on We Jazz)

Lampen is a new project by renowned musicians, guitarist Kalle Kalima and drummer/percussionist Tatu Rönkkö. On the 5-song album, the duo's sound takes cues from jazz and experimental rock as well as cinematic post rock.

Listen to "Lampen" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Apocalyptica: Metal Classic, Classic Metal EP (out September 9th on Harmageddon Records)

The cello metal pioneers are back again! Apocalyptica’s new EP “Metal Classic, Classic Metal” contains three iconic pieces of classical music, which have received a heavier treatment in the hands of the cellists: Flight of The Bumblebee composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 and a new version of Maurice Ravel's Bolero. Apocalyptica is currently touring the United States with Norwegian band Leprous and Finnish progsters Wheel.

Listen to "Metal Classic, Classic Metal" on Apple Music or Spotify.

The 69 Eyes: Drive EP (out September 16th on Vallila Music House)

After their 12th album "West End" (2019) the goth’n’roll veterans have released almost a handful of stray singles. These tracks – Call Me Snake, Drive and California – will be packaged on a new vinyl only EP along with an exclusive track (which will not be available on streaming services!), a live rendition of Two Horns Up.

Vivisektio: Uusi Normaali (out September 16th on Svart Records)

Vivisektio, founded in Äkäslompolo in 1983, managed to operate for only three years. One of the northernmost hardcore punk bands in the world, they performed mainly north of the Arctic Circle, played only a dozen gigs. The band was founded again in Oulu in 2008 with a new singer and drummer. Musically, the band still swears on the early 80s hardcore, with anarcho and post-punk influences from the same era.

Listen to "Uusi Normaali" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Spiritus Mortis: The Great Seal (out September 16th on Svart Records)

There are few modern-day bands that can be uttered under the same breath as the giants of traditional doom and heavy metal like Spiritus Mortis. Formed in 1987 as Rigor Mortis they can firmly attest to having been “the first Finnish Doom Metal band”, uncovering hallowed ground before the later imitators. Carrying the banner of powerful true metal, the likes of which stands proudly next to the masters such as Dio era Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeturnus and Trouble, Spiritus Mortis have established a tradition of catchy song-writing and consummate knowledge of sacred riff-craft. "The Great Seal" is promised to be a "colossal album" which Spiritus Mortis describes as “a rite of collective suicide and an orgy of self-immolation” and plumbs the depths of epic sorrow with gargantuan slabs of igneous riffs and emotional vocals.

Listen to "The Great Seal" on Apple Music or Spotify.

The Rasmus: Rise (out September 23rd on Playground Music)

28 years in the game and The Rasmus show no major signs of slowing down. After departing with their original guitarist and songwriter Pauli Rantasalmi, introducing their new guitarist Emppu Suhonen and appearing in the Eurovision Song Contest with Jezebel this year, the Rasmus foursome is now ready to take on the world again, with their 10th album "Rise" – a 14 song collection produced by none other than hitmaker Desmond Child.

Listen to "Rise" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Knife Girl: Uniform (out September 23rd on Soliti)

Loudness Magazine has already called Knife Girl” “definitely one to watch in 2022” saying, “Lili Aslo’s music combines everything we love – experimental approach, sincerity, humour, catchy melodies and the drive to push boundaries”. While Knife Girl is better known for her past electronic music, Uniform is her excercise on “more overtly rock inspirations”, but also “a more thought out songwriting process” compared to her previous records.

Listen to "Uniform" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Camilla Bäckman: Give Me A Moment (Out September 23rd, self-released)

Camilla Bäckman is a singer, violinist and songwriter from Helsinki. Her debut album has been recorded at Nashville’s legendary RCA Studios and is due to be released shortly. The album consists of folkish pop with cinematic instrumental colors. Before recording the album Camilla Bäckman ran off to join the circus – touring North America with Cirque de Soleil as a lead singer, violinist, and an on-stage character from 2017 to 2020.

Listen to "Give Me A Moment" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Samu Haber: Pelastetaan maailma (Out September 30th on Capitol Finland)

Sunrise Avenue frontman Samu Haber starts his solo career straight after coming home from the stadium rockers’ farewell tour, with the release of his first Finnish sung album. Pelastetaan maailma translates to “let’s save the world”, and hopefully also gathers at least a portion of his international fans – despite being sung in a language foreign to most of them. Mind you, the major language shift has not prevented Haber to make new music in English too: “Hometown Gang” his first solo single in English was released on September 9th this Autumn (whether or not the song will make it to the album's tracklist is still unknown)!

Listen to "Pelastetaan maailma" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Sonata Arctica: Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two (Out September 30th on Atomic Fire)

Besides influencing the power metal scene, Sonata Arctica is known for breaking out of their musical comfort zone. That has resulted in their Acoustic Adventures touring cycles, but also in the release of their very first acoustic album which saw the light of day in early 2022. The continuation and second chapter of the Acoustic Adventures record will be released on September 30th via Atomic Fire. To complete this special saga, the band will finally kick-off of their new, multiply postponed Acoustic Adventures tour.

Listen to "Acoustic Adventures - Volume Two" on Apple Music or Spotify.


22-Pistepirkko: Kind Hearts Have A Run Run (out October 7th on Bare Bone Business)

One of Finland’s oldest and most prominent alternative rock bands, 22-Pistepirkko, is releasing a new album for the first time in eleven years. Their unique style of music is a mixture of different genres, including indie rock, garage rock, blues, pop and electronica. Recommended if you like: Velvet Underground, Spiritualized, Yo La Tengo, Low, Sparklehorse and Guided by Voices.

Listen to "Kind Hearts Have A Run Run" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Erja Lyytinen: Waiting For The Daylight (Out October 7th on Tuohi Records)

Although ‘The Queen of the Slide Guitar’ Erja Lyytinen began working on her new studio album during the lockdown era, the album was recorded in between the artist’s hectic touring schedule during a period which has seen Lyytinen perform across the continent as well as making her debut in destinations as far afield as Algeria. With lyrics touching subjects like life during her formative years, as well as love and loss, this time Lyytinen wanted to make a 'band album”.

Listen to "Waiting for the Daylight" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Eero Koivistoinen Quartet: Diversity (out October 28th on Svart Records)

The grand old man of Finnish jazz, Eero Koivistoinen, has played with rappers from the younger generation, Argentinian tango singers, you name it. The Eero Koivistoinen Quartet, onto its 10th year in existence, is his outlet for what he knows by heart like no one else – cool quartet jazz in which Eero is aided by younger luminaries from the scene: Alexi Tuomarila on the grand piano, Jori Huhtala on bass and Jussi Lehtonen on drums. Diversity presents, as the title implies, a diverse selection of Koivistoinen's latest compositions plus a striking interpretation of the timeless Thelonius Monk classic “Played Twice”.

Listen to "Diversity" on Apple Music or Spotify.


Her Shadow: The Ghost Love Chronicles (out November 11th on Svart Records)

This Svart Records newcomer promises ”moonlight melodies, heavenly hooks and Lynchian twists”. Their ethereal soundscapes come to life in a dream noir universe oozing with catchy choruses, Morricone motifs and vintage sounds interweave with state-of-the-art. With heavy influences from the worlds of David Lynch, Twin Peaks and Julee Cruise, this band is definitely worth “falling” for.

Listen to "The Ghost Love Chronicles" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Tavat: Tavat (Out November 18th on Svart Records)

Tavat is the new band project by Juhani Laine, started about a year after leaving the prog rock band Sammal, when searching to find passion for playing again. Tavat’s debut album was finished with the help from musicians like drummer Jan-Erik Kiviniemi (Sammal), vibraphonist Severi Pyysalo and vocalist Hannu Vainionpää (The Grammers). By the way, you can also find Sammal's new album on this list – right below and out on the very same day!

Listen to "Tavat" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Sammal: Aika laulaa (out November 18th on Svart Records)

Sammal, the leading name in today’s Finnish progressive rock, has recorded its fourth album. Now the band's internal turbulence has calmed down and Sammal has returned to its roots. This time, some of the group's influences in making the album were, for example, Bo Hansson, Type O Negative, Iron Butterfly and Whitesnake. All this and much more was thrown into the Sammal blender – even the songs' vocal language was also chosen based on feelings. In addition to Finnish, Swedish and German, the album also includes an English song, which is a re-recorded version of a previously released digital single.

Listen to "Aika laulaa" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Uusi Aika: Uusi Aika (out November 25th on We Jazz)

The debut album of the new jazz quintet Uusi Aika is promised to contain "meditative, deep jazz music for turbulent times". The line-up of Uusi Aika consists of Otto Eskelinen (alto sax, shakuhachi, alto clarinet, piano and vocals), Johannes Sarjasto (piano, synth, accordion and vocals), Tapani Varis (double bass and vocals), Amanda Blomqvist (drums, percussion and vocals) and Antero Mentu (zither).

Listen to "Uusi aika" on Apple Music or Spotify.

Getsemane: Viimaa (out December 2nd on Svart Records)

Getsemane released their self-titled debut in 2015 nodding to the music of Haikara, Tabula Rasa and King Crimson. Best known for their dynamic live shows the group put together a new album Viimaa full of unusual time signatures, meandering melodic lines and ethereal landscapes not forgetting 70's hard rock yet stubborn to their style. Drawing from the Kalevala mythos and eccentric psychedelic visions, Getsemane keeps channeling their original polyrythmic and progressive ideas.

Listen to "Viimaa" on Apple Music or Spotify.


New & upcoming albums fall/winter 2022 on Spotify

Again, a vast amount of great new Finnish music will be released in latter half of the year. So hold on to your seat, while we take a look at what’s new in Finnish pop, rock, indie, electronic, metal, jazz and folk in the fall/winter period of 2022!