Music Finland’s Lentoon program trains classical and contemporary musicians for international markets

Music Finland's Internationalization program Lentoon, now in its third year, started in August. The coaching is intended for musicians performing classical and contemporary music and is organized in cooperation with the Finnish Musicians' Association.

Previously, the Lentoon program for contemporary music professionals has been organized in 2013 and 2017, when most of the participants have been composers. Now, for the first time, the program is tailored for musicians and performing artists – both independent and orchestra musicians have been selected. The program provides tools for building international careers and networks as well as means to develop communication and interaction skills for the participants.

The goals of the musicians participating in Lentoon can be, for example, to draw up their own internationalization plan, to be represented by an international agent, or to operate internationally in other ways. 

“All participants have their own internationalization goals, but the coaching aims to provide tools on how to achieve them. Content is tailored to meet the needs of each participant. Participants are also encouraged to share experiences and know-how, to act as each other's mentors, ”says Heli Lampi, Music Finland's Head of communications and promotion.

Accordion artist Janne Valkeajoki, one of this year's participants, was happy to start the Lentoon program.

"I've been thinking about internationalization and discussing it with my colleagues a lot, so I was hoping that the program would give me new perspectives on the subject. I know how things work in Finland, but how in international arenas? ”, Valkeajoki ponders.

"The program has met expectations so far, as I have heard a wide range of views and shared ideas with experienced professionals. I’ve received new impetus to internationalization from two different angles: on the one hand, concrete things and raw facts such as subsidies and contracts, on the other hand, that kind of mindset – expanding my market and my own circle. Of which the latter may have been even more important! ”He continues.

According to Valkeajoki, sharing information and experiences between the participants has been successful.

“The participants include old acquaintances and new acquaintances, musicians of different ages and in different situations in their careers. It has been nice to experience this collegiality, being together with an open mind. That has been as influential as the actual lectures. And fortunately, we have been able to have these meetings face-to-face, at least for the time being, because the discussions have got off to a good start, ”says Valkeajoki.

These musicians take part in the Lentoon program this year:

  • Niina Keitel
  • Anna-Maaria Oramo
  • Lauri Porra
  • Aino Peltomaa
  • Jeni Packalen
  • Matias Häkkinen
  • Juulia Pölönen
  • Janne Valkeajoki
  • Linda Suolahti