Music Finland's anniversary year celebrates the growth of Finnish music exports

Music export organisation Music Finland will turn 10 years this autumn. Music Finland came into existence following the combined activities of Finnish Music Information Centre Fimic and the export organisation Music Export Finland in October 2011.

Over these past ten years, Finnish music exports have become more professional and have grown significantly. During this period Music Finland has, for example, networked, coached and mentored music exporters, funded tours and projects, organized export trips, song camps and showcase opportunities. Music Finland has also implemented extensive and multi-year initiatives in, for example, the United Kingdom and German-speaking Europe. The organization's internationalization services have been used by pop and rock artists such as Alma, Blind Channel, Yotto, Isac Elliot and Battle Beast, as well as songwriters from Axel Ehnström to Tiina Vainikainen, jazz and folk acts from Timo Lassy to Verneri Pohjola and Johanna Juhola to Tuuletar and contemporary composers like Lotta Wennäkoski, Sauli Zinoviev and Outi Tarkiainen.

When the size of Finnish music exports was first estimated in 2011, its value was approximately EUR 33 million. In 2019, its value had risen to € 82 million, before the breakdown in the music industry caused by the pandemic, which was also reflected in a slowdown in exports. See the report of the “Finnish Music Industry Economy and Exports 2020” study here.

During the pandemic, Music Finland became a mediator in the music industry, informing both political influencers and media, providing information on the financial losses to the music industry caused by Covid-19 and keeping an active discussing with the decision-makers on how to improve the industry's prerequisites for operation. In the coming years, Music Finland will continue to help the industry internationalize and export, create links between the music sector and technology companies, and influence policy makers to improve the vitality of the music industry.

"The pandemic showed what a solid and diverse foundation the Finnish music export sector actually has: although some aspects of exports suffered losses, the pop song export set a new record, and we saw international breakthroughs in metal music and both contemporary opera and film music were celebrated at international festivals." says Kaisa Rönkkö, Executive Director of Music Finland.

The anniversary year in Music Finland’s events and communications

The anniversary year will be visible in Music Finland's communications and events throughout the next 12 months. At we have launched the "Pioneers" article series celebrating artists who have started their own export activities in the decades predating Music Finland’s birth. The first episodes highlight the multi-genre visionary Jimi Tenor and pioneering jazz pianist Iro Haarla. In addition, the anniversary year is celebrated at international professional events, for example, throughout the year. Music Finland's official tenth anniversary celebration will be held in December, and the seventh annual Finnish Music Export Award will be presented at the same event.

Music Finland works to make Finnish music international and growing. It develops its services to better support systematical and profitable music exports, helps its customers develop business models, and creates connections between the music industry and technology companies. Music Finland influences decision-makers so that Finland continues to have a vibrant music ecosystem. Through purposeful work, Finnish music will continue to internationalize and grow in the future - beyond musical genres, market areas and platforms.

Music Finland's operations are funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the Finnish music industry through eight member organizations.