Music & Media International Summit confirms speakers and seminar content

The international program for Music & Media, International Summit will unite the Finnish music industry with music industry professionals from all around Europe, the US as well as Japan. 

The themes for Music & Media International Summit, held in Tampere on October 2017 are passion for music, equality and diversity, and the program will also focus in sync and the Japanese market. The conference is set for two days of effective business, conference and showcases on Thursday and Friday. Finnish music industry will also celebrate the Industry Awards Gala on Friday at Music & Media.


International Summit welcome drinks

Wednesday 20.00–22.00 / Visio Klubi, 17th floor

Most international guests arrive to Tampere on Wednesday night, to get ready for two full days of conference and showcases. To get a head start and meet all the guests already on Wednesday, please contact

International hour

Thursday and Friday 12.30–13.30 / Lounge
Come and meet Music & Media’s guests from abroad! Most of the international guests will be in the lounge during international hour so it’s an excellent place for networking!

Finest Sounds presents: Matchmaking, Pitching And Networking

Thursday 15.00–16.30 / Lounge

This is your chance to meet up with music professionals from Finland, Estonia and Japan as well as brands and other companies. Pitch your product and test your ideas with experts of the Japanese music industry and brands! Sign up by September 29 via Riku Salomaa.

Live roundtable

Friday 10.30–11.15 / Jumbo
By invitation only. 
If you wish to participate, contact Niko Kangas.


Throughout the years, Music & Media's seminars have presented new trends, phenomena and hits to a rapidly growing audience. In all, the three-day-program includes nearly 60 panel discussions, workshops, keynotes and interviews with an estimated 150 speakers both from Finland and abroad.

Panel / "A Day in The Life of an A&R"

Thursday 10.30–11.30 / Raide 5 How does an A&R manager find the talent nowadays? What does it take from the artist to attract an A&R? How has digital era changed A&R work? How can one build long artist careers when a single can change everything?

A&R professionals from abroad and from Finland share keys to success in finding talent, building careers, and in developing A&R’s own expertise.

ModeratorTapio Hakanen (Head of music, YleX)

PanelistsArina Logacheva (Universal Music Germany), Victoria Ree (Polydor), Jenni Kivikoski (Sony Music Finland), Lasse Kurki (Warner Music Finland)

Research / "Pro rata or user centric?"

Thursday 12.00–12.45 / Raide 4
Music organizations have made a concrete research about the differences between the "pro rata" -distribution model and the "user centric" -model. What would be different, if Spotify and other streaming services would change their model to user centric?

The conclusions of the study will be presented by researchers Pradeep Durgam (Aalto University) and Jari Muikku (Digital Media Finland).

Panel / "Music in Media – Trends & Opportunities in the UK Sync World"

Thursday 12.30–13.15 / Raide 5 In association with the UK & European Guild Of Music Supervisors, we will be joined by some of the top music supervisors in the UK from across the film, TV, advertising and games sectors to get the inside track on the processes involved in finding and licensing music to picture. With combined supervision credits ranging from Wonder Woman to Oasis: SupersonicGran Turismo to Audi advertisements, we will be looking at examples of their work and discussing the emerging trends and opportunities for rights-holders and artists in this fast-paced world.

Moderator: Duncan Smith (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe)

Panelists: Ayla Owen (Head Of Music, The Most Radicalist Black Sheep – BBH) Iain Cooke (Independent Film and TV music supervisor) Karen Elliot (Founder of Hothouse Music) Duncan Smith (Senior Music Supervisor, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe)

Panel / Finest Sounds presents: "Folk, World Music & Jazz Market In Japan – Opportunities and challenges for international non-mainstream music"

Thursday 13.30–14.30 / Raide 4 Japan is a country of nearly 130 million inhabitants. Just like with other products, Japanese fans value high quality and exclusivity in music. These factors open significant opportunities for music from different genres. The panel will discuss opportunities and challenges in introducing international jazz and world music acts in Japan.

Moderator:  Tapio Korjus

Panelists:  Yoko Nozaki (The Music Plant), Tomoyuki Ohsawa (Office Ohsawa), Matsuo Kyohito (Min-On Concert Association) and Tetsuo Murakami (Min-On Concert Association)

Panel / Finest Sounds presents: "Big in Japan? – How to break foreign artists in the World’s second biggest music market"

Friday 12.00–13.00 / Raide 2

Fan culture in Japan is beyond what we’re used to. At the same time the way music is being consumed is changing rapidly. Breaking an act often requires collaboration with brands as well as large investment in marketing. The panel of experts in music and branded entertainment discusses latest trends in music, digitalisation and brand collaborations in Japan.

Haji Taniguchi

Aya Ohi (JVC Victor Kenwood 
Entertainment), Takayuki Suzuki (EnterTech Accelerator / ParadeALL) and Marc Wesseling (UltraSuperNew)

Panel / Brands In Sync – How To Collaborate With Brands?

Friday 13.30–14.30 / Raide 5
In the best case, there is much more to a sync than licensing music for an ad. Panel of experienced managers, music supervisors and branding experts discuss what is collaboration between music, an artist brand and a commercial brand, how to monetize on music brands and how to create a match made in heaven.

Katariina Sorsa (Music Finland)

Viktoria Renner, Iiro Lahdenranta, Nellie Rajabi and Amy Ashworth

Panel / Finest Sounds Presents: "Still a Goldmine? – Rock And Metal in Japan"

Friday 14.00–14.45  / Raide 5

Historically, rock and metal are considered the most successful genres for Finnish music in Japan. In the last few years, consumption of international music has decreased to its record-low market share of 13% of the recorded industry in Japan. Does that trend affect rock and metal or should the industry still invest in them? With insights from recorded and live industries, this panel will give you an update on the Japanese rock and metal scene.    

Jouni Markkanen

Aya Ohi 
(JVC Victor Kenwood Entertainment), Ichiro Aeno (Creativeman), Akiko Tomiyama (Marquee).


Previous speakers in Music & Media's keynote lectures have featured such names as Seymour Stein (SireRecords), Jonathan Foster (Spotify), Tom Silverman (Tommy Boy), Tommy Ramone (Ramones) and David Fricke (Rolling Stone). Dig into this year's speakers here:

Keynote / "Digging Deeper – A Conversation With Rock Historian Ed Ward"

Thursday 11.00–11.45 / Raide 4
Ed Ward is a legendary music journalist, rock’n roll historian and one of the founders of SXSW music festival. He has written several critically acclaimed books – f.e. about the history of rock’n roll. Music & Media feels honored of having Ed as a keynote guest, and even better it gets as Ed’s real fan, Pekka Laine interviews him. This one’s gonna be a classic interview.

Keynote / "Finest Sounds presents: Marc Wesseling – How to market consumer brands to Japanese millennials"

Thursday 15.00–15.20 / Lounge
Ever wondered how brands are being built in Japan – one of the most commercially developed markets in the world? And how does music link to that? Mark Wesseling, co-founder of UltraSuperNew, a creative agency based in Tokyo and Singapore, presents two successful marketing cases: how Heineken and Beats By Dre reached millennials in Japan.

Keynote / Victoria Campoamor: "The Non-Commercial Challenges of Digital Licensing"

Friday 10.00–10.45 / Raide 5
In a world where consumption of music is instant and billions of transactions happen every second, it’s very critical to ensure that royalty payments flow through to right holders fast, efficiently and accurately. It's not just about negotiating the right commercial terms, we need to work together to ensure the flow of royalties is also right. How can we do that? Come and hear the views about this extremely important topic straight from the core of YouTube and Google Play, by Head of International Music Publishing Partner Operations Victoria Campoamor. She’s interviewed by Finnish music business veteran Riku Pääkkönen (ex-Spinefarm, Ranka Kustannus).

Keynote / "A Lifetime of Doing Things Differently: Music & Media Meets Martin Goldschmidt"

Friday 11.00–11.45 / Raide 5
Martin Goldschmidt is managing director and founder of the Cooking Vinyl Group – a true music business legend. Cooking Vinyl Records, home to The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Billy Bragg, Richard Ashcroft and Passenger, is one of Europe’s prime artist-focused independent labels and the originator of innovative services-only deals that claim no stake in artists’ copyrights. Martin founded the UK's first online distribution company (sold to IODA/Orchard/Sony), a management company and a booking agency (sold to Rob Challice/CODA), Essential Music, sold to Sony Red, and has promoted more anti nuclear benefit gigs then anyone else on the planet. Martin is interviewed by Nick Triani – a true Finnish indie mainstay.

Keynote / Sylvia Massy: "Recording Unhinged"

Friday 13.00–13.45 / Raide 5
Music & Media is more than proud to have a legendary music producer Sylvia Massy as their guest. She is one of the few women recognized as a top-notch music producer. Having collected almost 30 gold and platinum records and worked with artists such as Prince, Johnny Cash, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Skunk Anansie and Sublime, Sylvia has also worked as an engineer for Rick Rubin on some of his most treasured projects. Massy will be interviewed by Jari Salo aka James Spectrum from Pepe Deluxé.

Keynote / Pelle Lidell: “Behind Nordic Songwriters’ Success” 

Friday 15.00–15.45 / Raide 5
Pelle Lidell is a leading figure in the Nordic music publishing industry and one of Europe’s most consistent hit makers in the music publishing world in the last 20 years. Having served at Air Chrysalis Music and Murlyn Songs, and as the European A&R Executive at Universal Music Publishing UK, Lidell is since January 2017, President & Co-founder of EKKO Music Rights Europe – CTGA, a global music publishing company launched by Korean k-pop legend Mr. Soo Man Lee.

Lidell’s credits include major worldwide hits with Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, Sugababes, Janet Jackson, Ricky Martin, Galantis and many, many more. 

In addition to his achievements in the business of music publishing, Lidell has long worked as an important bridge builder for the Finnish publishing industry, sharing his networks and establishing relationships worldwide, especially between the Nordic and Asian markets. His open attitude has not only helped Finns but the entire Nordic music publishing industry and songwriters. Lidell is a key pioneer in the success of Nordic writers breaking into the K-Pop market.

In a Keynote interview about the global music publishing business, importance of networks and Nordic songwriting talent, Pelle Lidell will be interviewed by the Chairman of Finnish Music Publishers Association, CEO and founder of Elements Music, Tommi Tuomainen.

Register for International Summit's Get Synced! and Score! Workshops

Get Synced! Workshop

Thursday 14.30–16.15 / Raide 5 & Jumbo
In Get Synced! Workshop, the participants will get to dig deeper on what the music supervisors are looking for, and what kind of projects the music they represent could be used in. Before the workshop, the participants get briefs from the music supervisors. The participants will send songs to Music Finland aiming to meet the needs of the music supervisors. The songs will be listened to and discussed at the workshop. The past years' workshops have resulted in licensing deals for sync placements.

Score! Workshop

Friday 14.30–16.15 / Risto & Green Room
In Score! Workshop, film and media score composers will pitch themselves to the music supervisors and discuss what kind of projects the music supervisors are working with and what they are looking for and expecting from a score composer.

Register to Get Synced! and Score! workshops here. Registration to the workshops ends on September 22nd.

Music Supervisors present at the workshops:
Michelle Cho (Pusher, Hit The Ground Running, USA), Iain Cooke, (UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors, UK), Ayla Owen (The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music  BBH London, UK), Duncan Smith, (Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Playstation, UK), Nellie Rajabi, (SILO, Hit The Ground Running, USA), Karen Elliot, Hot House Music (UK), Nicholas Nowottny, White Horse Music (Germany) and Amy Ashworth, (UK)

Finest Sounds Hackathon

Saturday, 10.00–15.00 / Raide 5 One of the main goals of Finest Sounds is to develop and test new co-operation models between music and other sectors of creative industries. Concept ideation and development is being done in cooperation with several universities and experts. Test your cross-sectoral collaboration models for free and get feedback from Japanese experts! Sign up by September 29 via Riku Salomaa.

Confirmed guests at Music & Media International Summit


Martin GoldschmidtCooking Vinyl (UK)
Victoria Ree, Polydor (UK)
Arina Logacheva, A&R-manageri, Universal Music (Germany)
Aya Ohi, JVC Victor Kenwood Entertainment (Japan)
Yoko NozakiThe Music Plant (Japan)


Iain Cooke, music supervisor, UK & European Guild of Music Supervisors (UK)
Ayla Owen, The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music  BBH London (UK)
Duncan SmithSony Interactive Entertainment Europe, Playstation (UK)
Karen Elliot, Hot House Music (UK)
Nicholas NowottnyWhite Horse Music (Germany)
Amy Ashworth, Music Supervisor, (UK)
Nellie Rajabi, Music Supervisor, SILO  (USA)
Michelle ChoPusher Music  (USA)


Sohail AroraKrunk Live (India) 
Tom Ohsawa, Office Ohsawa Ltd (Japan)
Sharon RichardsonK2 Agency Ltd (UK)
Dominique Panther, Audiolith (Germany)
Abbie MarshallRambling Man Festival (UK)
Ichiro AonoCreativeman (Japan)
Merle DoeringDragon Productions (UK)
Akiko Tomiyama, Marquee (Japan)
Matsuo KyohitoMin-On Concert Association (Japan)
Tetsuo MurakamiMin-On Concert Association (Japan)


Takayuki Suzuki, EnterTech Accelerator / ParadeALL (Japan)
Victoria Campoamor, Google/Youtube, (UK)
Hajime Taniguchi, Merlin Japan, TGI Tokyo Inc. (Japan)

Keynote speakers and other:

Sylvia Massy, (USA) 
Ed Ward, author, journalist, founder at SXSW (USA)
Viktoria Renner,
 Ozmoze (Germany) 
Marc WesselingUltraSuperNew (Japan) 
Debbie BallCreate Spark (UK) 
Ruby WasmuthManners McDade Management & Agency (UK) 
Roisin O’Connor, journalist, The Independent (UK)