Four new artists to follow 1/2018

We’re taking a look at some of the most exciting and fresh newcomers in the Finnish music scene. This month we feature Jesse Markin (on the cover photo), 111X, Lac Belot and Pole Siblings

Listen to our Spotify playlist below and continue reading! Also, see all our featured new artists here.

Jesse Markin

When he was part of The Megaphone StateJesse Markin used to make hip hop that paid homage to the early 1990s east coast sound. With his solo project, Markin takes leaps forward both musically and thematically towards indie pop and broadens his expression from rapping to singing. His double single Blood / Will Shoot was released by VILD Music in May.

Lac Belot

Singer-songwriter Jarno Takkumäki makes music under the moniker Lac Belot. Whereas his debut single D ’n’ A is built on warm production in the vein of 1960s pop – i.e. rich and lush instrumentation consisting of string arrangements, saxophone and piano to name a few – his second single Pale Moon Rabbit’s psychedelic bombast brings to mind Joensuu 1685 and The Flaming Lips. Lac Belot’s debut album comes out in autumn. 


111X creates oppressive and desolate soundscapes, which operate on the field of dystopian electronics as Ben Frost and The Haxan Cloak. Last year he collaborated with Wolf on EP Final Star, which was followed by his debut album, Aches, released in April by Mexico-based label Infinite Machine. 

Pole Siblings

As Pole Siblings, brother-sister duo Johan and Sofie Stolpe make melancholic indie pop, reminiscent of Beach House. Their second EP, Sköljer bort dig was released this spring.