Four companies selected to Music Finland's Fast Track export program

The participants in Music Finland’s new Fast Track export program have been chosen.

The artists and companies taking part in Music Finland’s Fast Track program, which aims to support the exports of the most potential names in Finnish music industry are Alma (PME Records), Isac Elliot (Sony Music Finland), Saara (Universal Music Finland) and Elements Music (focusing on songwriter Axel Ehnström's international career). Participants for the Fast Track program are selected once a year.

“Fast Track marks a significant new strategic focus and shift in how we operate. Investing in the most potential export projects not only benefits the companies selected in the program, but also the entire Finnish music industry. Growth in export will enable further investments in new talent, and these success stories will help Finland become a more relevant player in the international music market. International breakthroughs are also important for our collective self confidence” says Tuomo Tähtinen, Executive Director of Music Finland.

"Fast Track is a great addition to Music Finland’s service range and gives a good opportunity for our export efforts. Such support will help Isac Elliot in his career at a very critical stage" says Sony Music Finland's Wemppa Koivumäki.

The Fast Track music export program was developed to support major international breakthroughs from Finland. It is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Music Foundation.