Finland’s first Ethnogala takes place in November

Finland’s first Ethnogala will be held at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 7 at Helsinki’s legendary Tavastia Club. At the first annual gala, prizes will be handed out to the most interesting and distinguished figures in folk music, world music and folk dance.

Rather than focusing on speeches, the Ethnogala is about live music and folk dance performances. Tavastia will be transformed into an ethno-club with two performance stages, with the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) recording performances and interviews from both stages as well as the green room and backstage areas. 

Award categories

The Ethnogala rewards the most distinguished and interesting figures in Finnish folk music, world music, and folk dance scenes in seven different categories.

  • Artist of the Year The Artist of the Year is a brilliant Finnish soloist or group who has attracted attention in the field of folk music and folk dance.
  • Phenomenon of the Year The Phenomenon of the Year may be a research study, event, campaign, movement, innovation, social media campaign or other phenomenon related to folk music, folk dance, instrument-making, costumes or traditions.
  • Newcomer of the Year The Newcomer of the Year is someone who has boldly earned his or her place as a new figure in Finland’s folk music and folk dance scene.
  • Folk Music Songwriter of the Year (awarded by Elvis - The Finnish Society of Composers and Lyricists) The Folk Music Songwriter of the Year is a Finnish composer or lyricist who has raised the bar for folk music through multi-faceted, ambitious work.
  • Border Breaking Act of the Year (awarded by Music Finland) The export award goes to an act that has aroused interest in the international music field and demonstrated export-readiness.
  • Intersection Prize (awarded by the Global Music Centre) The Intersection Award goes to a person, group, community or body that has advanced encounters between cultures and their rights to their own music.
  • Choreographer of the year (awarded by the Dance Info Finland) The choreographer of the year influences the folk dance scene and beyond, valuing traditions while also bravely pushing boundaries with new ideas.

Visit the Ethnogala homepage for nominees. 

Ethnogala is arranged by the Committee of Folk Music and Dance in Finland (KEK) in partnership with the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle). The other partners are the Global Music Centre, Music Finland, Elvis - The Finnish Society of Composers and Lyricists, the Finnish Musicians’ Union, Teosto (the Finnish Composers' Copyright Society), the Folk Music Institute of Finland, the Finnish Folk Music Association and Radio Helsinki.