Celebrate Sámi National Day with playlist curated by Hilda Länsman

Buori sámiid álbmotbeaivvi! Šiõǥǥ säʹmmlai meersažpeeiʹv! Pyeri säämi aalmugpeeivi!

Today, February 6th, marks the national Sámi day. To celebrate the occasion, singer Hildá Länsman (SoljuDuo Vildá) curated a playlist of her favourite songs by Sámi artists. Listen to the playlist below and find out what she said about her picks.

1. Golbma Jiena: Lelieh Åjáldattieh (Don't Forget)

Three great Sámi artists (Marja Mortensson, Elina Mikaelsen, Katarina Barruk) made this song together for the indigenous people’s festival Riddu Riddu. 

2. Mari Boine: Skealbma 

I greatly admire the message and delivery in Mari Boine’s music. This song always pulls me up with its spirit. 

3. Isák: Elle (Mari Boine cover) 

It has been really delightful to watch Ella Marie, a singer from my neighboring village succeed in the Norwegian music scene! She performed this deeply touching song in its reformed shape – one that resembled the band Isák’s version – at the Spellemanprisenn music gala on NRK1’s live television broadcast.

4. Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen: Johtit Jollasiid 

In my opinion, one needs to listen to this song while enjoying the scenery in the Sápmi land.

5. Niko Valkeapää: Gávpot 

This has been my favorite song in Niko’s repertoire since I was a pre-teen. Very nostalgic!

6. Wimme & Rinne: Rock - Bákti / Kallio 

A rough and brave song from Wimme and Tapani Rinne.

7. Katarina Barruk: Evelina 

A gorgeous and delicate song from the Swedish Sápmi land.

8. Ára: Ballu 

This band has a very strong presence – their music strives to go under your skin while still moving in wide landscapes.

9. Áššu: Vulleš Heaika  

This new group with my mother (Ulla Pirttijärvi) as a yoik singer will release their debut album very soon. It will definitely top my list of Sámi albums – the great band and their traditional yoik songs really startle me!

10. Amoc: Kiälláseh (feat. Ailu Valle) 

I often listen to this song when I’m in southern Finland, missing the festivities and marketplaces of my homeland.