Arctic Paradise 2014

The new Arctic Paradise 2014 CD, curated by Music Finlad, is now out. The album features a wide range of both up & coming and household names of Finnish contemporary world and folk music. With 16 tracks from artists and acts known for their visionary take on the traditions and styles of folk music, the album gives its listeners the cream of the crop of what's happening on the Finnish scene.

The artists featured on the album are Värttinä, Wind On Wind, Sampo Lassila Narinkka, Arto Järvelä & Kaivama, Kardemimmit, Juuri & Juuri, Ulla Pirttijärvi & Ulda, Arnold Chiwalala Band, Frigg, Maria Kalaniemi & Timo Alakotila, Saaga Ensemble, Tsuumi Sound System, Johanna Juhola, Vilddas, Pekko Käppi and Duo Hannu Kella & Ari Numminen.

The album also comes with a 66-page booklet of short articles, background info and photos of the acts on the collection. 

If you wish to receive a copy of the Arctic Paradise 2014 album, please contact and leave us a request with your contact information.

Here are some soundbites from a few artists featured on the album:

Saaga Ensemble<p>

Juuri & Juuri