10 years of putting Nordic music first – Ja Ja Ja celebrates first decade!

November marks the 10th anniversary of Ja Ja Ja Music, the definitive Nordic club night and website celebrating the very best music from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The occasion will be celebrated with an evening at 28th November in Lexington, London with artists Jesse Markin (Finland), Moyka (Norway) and Elias (Sweden) – and some birthday surprises of course!

Each month at The Lexington in London and FluxBau in Berlin, Ja Ja Ja hand-picks the finest emerging talent from the Nordic countries to perform at our club nights, making sure that the best new music is presented to the audience. 

Operated through the Nordic Music Export, Ja Ja Ja has worked consistently over the past decade to promote the music of Nordic artists to international audiences and music industry through its live shows and its online media platform. Artists from throughout the region apply to perform at Ja Ja Ja, and if successful, are placed on the project’s live stages while the Ja Ja Ja team works to help each artist establish themselves in their target country’s music industry through tailored communication, networking events and promotion. 

Across Ja Ja Ja’s London and Berlin shows, the club has played host to more than 300 artists, including AuroraLiss, Astrid S, Silvana Imam, Vök, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, and many many more (check out all previous line ups here – or scroll down for a list of all Ja Ja Ja's Finnish acts), as well as keeping the audience constantly updated with the latest releases on the Ja Ja Ja website and through Spotify playlists.

10th and 5th anniversary festivities

2019 marks an important year in Ja Ja Ja’s calendar as the London club night celebrates its 10th anniversary, and the Berlin version turns 5 years old. The longest running NOMEX project, and a highly reputable example of a successful and long-standing Nordic collaboration, these anniversaries present a perfect opportunity to produce larger scale events in both London and Berlin to further promote Nordic music, and to strengthen the foothold of the Ja Ja Ja brand in the UK and German music markets.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Ja Ja Ja puts on a very special show at the of The Lexington club on Thursday 28th November. On the bill will be rising star Jesse Markin (Finland), Norway’s Moyka (fresh from coming back from a tour with Sigrid) and Swedish sensation Elias.

As well as music, Ja Ja Ja promises to have special guests throughout the evening, as well as Nordic celebration drinks and snacks, special competitions in the venue and much more.   

Ja Ja Ja in numbers: 

  • 10 years of Ja Ja Ja in London (Nov, 2019)
  • 5 years of Ja Ja Ja in Berlin (Nov, 2019)
  • 250+ artists have performed across Ja Ja Ja’s stages since 2009
  • Over 100 shows in 10 years, in London, Brighton, Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Tokyo, Salzburg, Graz, Budapest
  • 2 x London festivals produced, with more than 5000 attendees
  • 2500+ attendees at Ja Ja Ja events in 2018 alone

Finnish acts that have played Ja Ja Ja club nights and festival include Husky Rescue (pictured in the above image)Mirel Wagner, LCMDF, Lake Jons, Color Dolor, NEØV, Mio (Mio's Mountain), View, The Holy, Mikko Joensuu, The Hearing, French Films, Manna, Sansa, Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?, Phantom, Ronya (New Ro), Venior, Suvi, The New Tigers, Cats of Transnistria, Burning Hearts, Delay Trees, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Shine 2009, Detalji, Jaakko & Jay, Plastic Tones, Satellite Stories, Vuk, Eleanoora Rosenholm, Zebra & Snake, Noah Kin, Katea, Hisser, Murmansk, The Scenes, Eva & Manu, TV Off, Sin Cos Tan and Robin Packalen.