Music & Media Finland International Summit 2016

06.10.2016 – 08.10.2016

Music Supervisors at Sync Summit

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Music & Media unites the entire variety of Finnish recording, publishing and live music industries for a music industry event in Tampere, a picturesque city surrounded by lakes. Music & Media seeks to draw into focus the energy and innovation of the music industry, both internationally and within Finland with influence from and towards the Baltics and Russia.

International Summit brings together a group of music representatives and international delegates within the whole spectrum of the music industry from all over the world for a focused two day program within the event. One of the core themes of International Summit is sync and brand partnerships and the summit effectively connects international music supervisors with the music representatives at Music & Media. The event comprises a vast variety of networking and business opportunities, seminars, keynotes and even more importantly, showcases.

Live music plays a key role at Music & Media. Lost In Music showcase festival offers a great opportunity for professionals to view performances by Finland’s hottest new artists. Over 80 handpicked acts jump on stage during the three conference days. Lost In Music brings you a multitude of up-and-coming pop, rock, indie and metal bands. The concoction is peppered with hip hop and world music artists, as well as some experimental acts. The Finnish scene is joined by bands from the Baltic region and Russia. The event attracts over 15 000 visitors yearly.

Previous speakers and guests of honor include names such as Geoff Travis and Jeannette Lee (Rough Trade), Martin Mills (Beggars Group), Seymour Stein (Sire Records), JT Griffith (Nike), Barry Dickins (ITB), Harvey Goldsmith (Ig- nite), Thomas Golubic (MusicSuperVision), Nora Felder (Picture Music Company), Jonathan Poneman (Sub Pop), Jonathan Forster (Spotify), Tommy Ramone (The Ramones), Rebecca Rienks (E! Entertainment), David Fricke (The Rolling Stone) and many more.

Conference Programme

The European live music industry will be discussed in two topics this year. "Festival Exports - How Brands travel" will discuss the recent phenomenon of strong festival brands conquering new cities and markets. Represented are at least Lollapalooza Berlin and Weekend Festival.

Radicalization and political instability are increasingly affecting our everyday lives. The foundations of EU are shaking, Europe is not unanimously welcoming and open-minded and the fear for our personal security has had an effect on how we move about and perceive things. "Building Walls - Global Crises and the Live Music Industry" will discuss how the recent events and political turbulence in and around Europe have affected and will change the live music industry from the perspective of security, artists' and concert-goers' experience as well as the economy.

On the topic of music synchronization, "The Anatomy of Film Trailer Music" will shed light on the creative process of film trailers from both the music supervisors' and the music writers' sides. "What Were They Syncing?" will look at stories behind successful music placements in worldwide advertisement campaigns, games and films. For example, how to make a chewing gum ad a worldwide viral hit will be discussed with the music supervisor of the Extra Gum commercial featuring a cover recording of "Can't Help Falling In Love" among other great sync cases.

Wednesday October 5 

Music Finland Welcome Drinks

Time and place: 20.00–22.00, Visio Klubi, 17th floor

Meet the Music Finland staff at Visio Klubi at hotel Torni’s 17th floor, where snacks and drinks will be served.

You will receive your delegate pass, personal tips for the weekend and other useful information regarding your visit.  You will also have the opportunity to meet some Finnish music industry delegates. Welcome!

Thursday October 6

What Were They Syncing?

Time and place: 10.30-11.45, Raide 5

Hear the extraordinary stories behind music choices in games, movies and worldwide advertisement campaigns as told by the music supervisors. The stories include successful artist collaborations and surprising discoveries. The panel will discuss cases from each music supervisor including the to be released animated musical comedy Sing (Jojo Villanueva) as well as an ad for chewing gum brand Extra that became a worldwide viral hit, featuring a cover recording of "Can't Help Falling In Love" (Daniel Kuypers) and many more.
Speakers: Jojo Villanueva / Format Entertainment (USA), Morgan Thoryk / TBWA, Media Arts Lab (USA), Duncan Smith / Sony Playstation (UK), Daniel Kuypers / Energy BBDO (USA), Alicia Leinot / Tracks & Fields (Germany)
Moderator: Miika Särmäkari

The Anatomy of Film Trailer Music

Time and place: 12.00-13.00, Raide 5

Music synchronization has different and very specific musical rules in film trailers. ”The Anatomy of Film Trailer Music” will discuss the current trends in trailer music and shed light on the creative process of film trailers from both the music supervisors' and the music writers' sides.

Speakers: Connie Farr / ThinkSync Music (UK), Jessica Ruoti / Open Road Entertainment (USA), Miro Laiho / Time Films Oy & Epic North
Moderator: Maura Duval Griffin / Guild of Music Supervisors (USA)

Get Synced! Workshops

Time and place: 14:00–17:00, Raide 5, Jumbo, 2nd Floor

The music supervisors at International Summit will present their current projects and shed light on what they’re currently looking for. The participants will get to dig deeper on what’s the music the music supervisors need and what are the projects their music could be used in.

Before the workshop, the participants get briefs from the music supervisors. The participants will send songs and try to meet the needs of the music supervisors. The songs will be listened to and discussed at the workshop.

Register here for the workshop. The registration is open until September 24th. In order to participate to the workshop, you need to be registered to Music & Media.

Music & Media Opening Party

Time and place: 18:30-20.00, Lounge, Raide 2

Please join us in celebrating the grand opening of Music & Media in Hotel Torni delegate lounge area.
Get to know the best people, enjoy drinks and snacks, as well as musical performances. You are warmly welcome!

Lost in Music Showcases

Time and place: 19:00 onwards, several Lost in Music Venues

Friday October 7

Festival Exports – How Brands Travel

Time and place: 10.00–10:45, Raide 5

Finnish festival brands making new openings in new markets has been a recent phenomenon in the Finnish festival scene, with Weekend expanding to Estonia and Sweden. The phenomenon can be seen all over the world with the likes of Lollapalooza setting ashore in Europe. What makes a festival brand strong enough for export and how to work with an existing brand on a new market?
Speakers: Julia Gudzent / Lollapalooza Berlin (Germany), Katja Wittenstein / FKP Scorpio (Germany), Ingrid Stroom / Weekend Festival, Milla Valjus / Flow Festival
Moderator: Francine Gorman / Nordic Playlist

Keynote: Spotify and the Way We Listen Now

Time and place: 11:00–11.40, Raide 2

Keith Jopling, the Global Head of Strategic Intelligence at Spotify will discuss the development of digital music so far and showcase Spotify’s market-leading feature and content innovation. Jopling will focus on the most innovative areas in digital music: discovery, curation and personalisation, as well as discuss how the way we consume music is set to change dramatically.
Speaker: Keith Jopling / Spotify

Nordics, The Streaming Superpower

Time and place: 12.00-13.00, Raide 5

Streaming services have lifted the global music markets to a rise – and the Nordics were the first to embrace the change. How has this affected the Nordic markets’ global standing? Nordic major and indie labels’ representatives discuss the Nordic countries role as a testing platform for streaming, their artist export and how it has changed the labels’ actions and decisions. Lukas Graham’s success will be discussed as an artist export example.
Speakers: Gaute Parbo Niemann / Copenhagen Records, Mark Fry / Warner Music Nordic, Jonas Sjöström / Playground Scandinavia, Keith Jopling / Spotify
Moderator: Francine Gorman / Nordic Playlist

Future Sounds – Producers’ Talk

Time and place: 13:15–14.00, Raide 5

Music producers have a great role in determining the sounds we hear on pop music today. Who are the ones creating the trends and are the ones following? A panel of music producers and A&R managers discuss the roles that they, along with artists, have in creating trends and the input that they have in what music will sound like in the future.
Speakers: Jukka Immonen / EMI / Capitol Finland, Jonas W. Karlsson / Elements Music, Alex The Flipper (Austria), Robin Shaw / Four Music (Germany)
Moderator: Katariina Sorsa / Music Finland

Building Walls - Global Crises and the Live Music Industry

Time and place: 14.15–15.15, Raide 5

Political instability and radicalization are affecting our everyday lives increasingly. The foundations of EU are shaking, Europe is not unanimously welcoming and open-minded for foreigners and the fear for our personal security has had an effect on how we move about and perceive things. The panel will discuss how recent events and political turbulence in and around Europe have affected the live music industry and how they will change it for security officers, artists and concert-goers as well as the economy.
Speakers: Nick Hobbs / Charmenko (Turkey), Paul-Henry Wauters / Botanique Centre Culturel (Belgium), Ville Ketonen / Local Crew Oy
Moderator: Anna Hildur / Nomex (Iceland)

Meet the International Delegates

Time and place: 15:30–16:30, Lounge, Raide 3

Please meet us at the delegate lounge at Raide 3. Music Finland will introduce you to the top music industry people!

Austrian Music Export Presents: Austrian Reception

Time and place: 17.30-18.30, Jumbo, 2nd floor

AME invites all Music & Media delegates to an Austrian Reception in Tampere: discover the current Austrian music scene and find out about its abundance of exciting new talent. Join us for drinks and network with representatives of the Austrian music industry, make new acquaintances and ring in the festival day in a relaxed atmosphere. Open to all Music & Media delegates. 

Lost in Music Showcases

Time and place: 19:00 onwards, several Lost in Music Venues

International Guests

For bios and photos of international delegates, click here.

Confirmed Guests of 2016:

  • Charmenko / Nick Hobbs, Turkey
  • Creativeman Productions / Onta Shiroh Kawaguchi, Japan
  • Four Music / Robin Shaw, Germany
  • Golden Gate Management GmbH / Robert Koster, Germany
  • Koralle Blau / Sebastian Tim, Germany
  • Loud Noise / Tjerk Maas, The Netherlands
  • Melt! Booking / Julia Gudzent, Germany
  • Melt! Booking / Marina Slapnig, Germany
  • Petting Zoo Propaganda / Frank van Liempd, The Netherlands
  • Puschen Booking / Andreas Oberschelp, Germany
  • Soulfood Distribution / Stefan Ahrens, Germany
  • Spotify / Keith Jopling, UK
  • FKP Scorpio / Katja Wittenstein, Germany
  • Botanique / Paul-Henri Wauters, Belgium
  • Factory92 / Jan Clausen, Germany
  • Radicalis / Dominic Oehen, Switzerland
  • RCKSTR Magazin, 20 Minuten / Schimun Krausz, Switzerland
  • Copenhagen Records / Gaute Parbo Niemann, Denmark
  • Oktober Promotion / David Kaiser, Germany
  • SPV / Georg Schröder, Germany
  • SPV / Florian Kreutzfeldt, Germany
  • GDS.FM / Christian Gamp, Switzerland
  • Spoon Agency / Reinhold Seyfriedsberger, Austria 
  • Cargo Records / Denis Kappes, Germany
  • Arcadia Live / Michi Peklo, Austria
  • Radio FM4 / Stefan Trischler, Austria
  • Seminal Music / Deckstar Management / Sebastian Diz, USA

Music Supervisors

  • 20th Century Fox Music / Johnny Choi, USA
  • Energy BBDO / Daniel Kuypers, USA
  • Guild of Music Supervisors / Maura Duvall Griffin, USA
  • Format Entertainment / Jojo Villanueva, USA
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Duncan Smith, UK
  • TBWA/Media Arts Lab / Morgan Thoryk, USA
  • ThinkSync Music / Connie Farr, UK
  • Tracks & Fields / Alicia Leinot, Germany
  • Tin Drum Music / Sophie Urquhart, UK
  • Open Road Entertainment / Jessica Ruoti, USA

There are many more international delegates at Music & Media. Please see the list of all delegates here.

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